Meet 612 Jungle, The Twin Cities’ Very First Hip-Hop Yoga Studio

Meet 612 Jungle, The Twin Cities’ Very First Hip-Hop Yoga Studio

Here at Fitt, we’re all about the idea that living a healthy life means finding something that works for you. (And, of course, helping you find those things!)

Hey, there are no rules that say working out has to be some super-strict regime that you totally dread. In fact, fitness should be enjoyable and—dare we say it—even fun. And that’s exactly what Minneapolis studio 612 Jungle has set out to do.

Yoga, meet hip-hop

Yoga instructor Gabrielle Roberts decided to open 612 Jungle, the Twin Cities’ very first hip-hop yoga studio, to fill a gap she saw in the industry. While the soundtrack at other studios left her feeling a bit blah, hip-hop music felt more relatable and motivating. So instead of the light pop and soothing instrumentals you might typically associate with yoga, classes here have a decidedly more upbeat tone, set to R&B VIPs like Migos, A$AP Rocky, and Lauryn Hill.

Gabrielle breaks it down a little more: “You can expect loud, bass-filled music. You can expect hands-on adjustments. You can expect to be challenged and pushed. You can expect to feel, to grow, to be accepted exactly as you are.”

Welcome to the Jungle

Want in? 612 Jungle currently offers five different classes out of its Northeast Minneapolis studio and there’s definitely something for everyone. “Every day our bodies are different, our needs shift, and we need something different from before. There’s a class here for every mood and every level,” Gabrielle explains.

Looking for an ultra-chill stretch sesh? Opt for the Yin-style R&B Restore or the slower-paced #SOULIT. Want to get your heart pumping to bumping beats? Try out the beginner-friendly Trappin’ Light or the heated Trappin’ Hard. Also on the roster: their brand new Hustle and Flow class, which is all about clearing your head and enjoying the moment.

Oh, and make sure to keep an eye on the 612 Jungle website to check out what events are coming up. They’ve been known to host special flows set to rap-offs (think Migos vs. Travis Scott), sculpt classes set to 2000s throwback, and other hip-hop-inspired theme nights complete with signature cocktails. Um, count us in!

So, when you’re ready to work out the day’s stress while vibing to some killer music, make your way to 612 Jungle — you’re in for an empowering experience.