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APR 18, 2019

With Nashville being Music City and all, it makes sense that any fitness studio you hop into is cranking up the music and keeping the tunes fresh. But no fitness class does music better than indoor cycling. In Nashville, we ride with the beat, and we party on the bike.

Need to spice up your workout routine? Grab a towel, get ready to dance, and check out these cycling studios in Nashville.


As of late-2018, Florida-born Rukus Cycling plans to bring a Rukus to Nashville. Their luxe studio space, filled with airy aesthetics and amenities, will no doubt take you on a ride, just give them a follow on Instagram( to see for yourself! Here, you’ll clip into a custom bike, track your progress via multiple LED TV screens, and ramp up those RMPs to their curated CycleSounds beats. And for those who need to fit in their workout on their own time, you can expect on-demand classes and even a walk-in Peloton Station, that streams classes from Peloton’s NYC studio.



CycleBar keeps the party in The Gulch, Hendersonville, Franklin, and, as of late-2018, West Nash going at all hours of the day. Check the schedule every week because CycleBar changes their tap on the regular. From themed parties to competitions (with your personal metrics, CycleStats, arriving in your inbox after class) and classic rides, CycleBar has something for everyone.

World Gym Music City is right off of Broadway in the heart of Music City. We’re positive you’ll love their cycling classes because their floors light up. Let us repeat — their floors light up! Forget dark rooms, World Gym Music City takes the “party on the bike” to a new level with colorful floors and a hard-to-beat atmosphere.

Green Hills’ KrankFIT is an easy place for anyone to get to — there’s no excuse not to try it! And besides, it’s been dubbed “the most addicting cycling class in Nashville.” At KrankFIT, the instructors take their playlists as seriously as their classes, and they’ll keep you updated on their themes through social media.

Studio 51st


Studio51st, set up on 51st Ave. (as you might have guessed) in the up-and-coming Nations neighborhood, instills a great sense of community. At every Spin class, you’ll feel a part of a team, and you’ll all push each other to finish ride strong. Join this team-like class for strength and endurance building, and you’ll come out with a new group of friends. And while you’re there, check out their “Bounce” classes—a crazy fun workout on the trampoline.

Pop over to East Nashville and check out this boutique cycling studio to ride with some seriously energetic instructors. Verticity’s aesthetically pleasing studio is enough to win anyone over, but the dark cycling room with blue lights and the instructor cheering you on from a stage will seal the deal. And you won’t just be working your legs — Verticity sets aside time for some bicep and tricep work on the bike.

Full Ride Cycling is a full-body, rhythm-based cycling class that does the community right. Not only is it one of the coolest new places to break a sweat, but Full Ride Cycling gives 5% of net profit to local Nashville charities. What’s even cooler is that Full Ride hosts their rides inside a shipping container in oneC1TY’s City Blox container village off Charlotte Ave.

What makes Tylt different? The studio, in the North Gulch, is a dynamic indoor cycling experience offering RealRyder bikes that tilt as your body moves — you won’t be riding a “stationary” bike. “Ryders” benefit from functional muscle-recruitment while also protecting the joints. In addition to cycling, they offer cross-training mash-ups like CYCLONE, a strength training class, and CycleFlow, a yoga class.


**Updated by Kate Wilke, October 2018