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JUN 25, 2019



Wondering what the barre craze is all about? Take a break from the heavy lifting and intense cardio for this trendy exercise that’s influenced by ballet, Pilates, and yoga. Think small isometric movements that strength-train specific sets of muscle groups. That means a typical class of high reps and small ranges of motion will effectively create Jell-O legs and an unbelievable burn by the end of class.

You in? Hold on tight — we’re about to hit on all the best barre spots in Nashville.

Studio51st loses the classic tucking method and focuses on controlling the “Core Base,” which is the pelvic floor muscles and lower abdominal wall. Really want to move? Go for the Cardio & Extreme Cardio classes to add in some low-impact cardio intervals for a more upbeat experience.

Pure Barre prides itself on being fast, effective, and safe. Each barre class tones the entire body, while focusing mostly on the areas women need help with the most — hips, thighs, seat, abdominals, and arms. This low-impact class protects your joints and incorporates stretching too. Before or after class, browse the expansive selection of boutique yoga pants and tops, as well as accessories. You can find Pure Barre in the Gulch, Green Hills, and Belle Meade.

Neighborhood Barre is conveniently located in Green Hills and incorporates dance moves, Pilates, and isometric weight training to sculpt the arms, legs, seat, and abs (so, basically everything important). Plus, their boutique carries brands like Beyond Yoga, Alo, and Splits59, so you can wear the latest trends in yoga apparel while you sculpt and tone.

barre3 made their home in the heart of the Gulch in a warm and inviting brick room. This barre studio welcomes people of all levels, and even invites kids to hang out in the play lounge so their moms can tone and flow. And barre3’s ‘3’ carries across everything they do — from their three-step approach for barre to their three pillars (exercise, nourish, connect). You’ve got three times the reason to give it a try!

Barré, or barre to the beat, is a rhythmic barre class that was influenced by the cycling-to-the-beat movement. In barré (pronounced like rosé), the music drives the workout. This cardio party encourages hair flips and woo-ing as you sweat to top-40 remixes in a dark room with pink lights. You can feel all the good vibes of barré at Belmont University.

The Bar Method in Belle Meade offers A LOT of extras — childcare, a beauty bar, and a boutique with grip socks of all colors and patterns. But that doesn’t mean The Bar Method is extra. They know it isn’t all just about satisfying your needs for stylish barre accessories and beauty products — their barre classes are no joke, featuring upper-body exercises, push-ups, leg and seat work, and core exercises.

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