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JUL 14, 2020



Gluten sensitivities and celiac are no joke. If that's you, we know how impossible it can be to go out to eat — and forget offering up any valuable restaurant advice in the group chat. We know the struggle.

We’ve carefully rounded up the best gluten-free restaurants in Nashville, from breakfast to brunch to fancy to baked goods. We’ve also tried our hardest to explain which options are entirely GF and which are just mostly GF (because at least we know the difference). You can now rightfully take your place on the throne as reigning brunch-suggester.

Imagine the perfect combo of cozy, inviting, and delicious — and you won't be far off from Sunflower Cafe. The laid-back, small-town vegan cafeteria offers nearly an entire menu of customizable and gluten-free delicacies, minus the veggie burgers. Every side is GF, so yes to Curried Chickpea salad. Check with your server for daily gluten-free specials. (Fingers crossed it's barbecue tacos.)

Yes, this is a shipping container-turned trendy eatery. All the food you'll find at Avo is locally sourced, raw, and vegan. Judging by the name, you can guess the specialty: making avocado magic. The majority of the menu is gluten-free (and 100% vegan and kosher certified). The downside is this is a spot that the seriously gluten sensitive will need to avoid, due to potential gluten exposure in the kitchen.

If you know Calypso Cafe, you know it's a longstanding neighborhood staple. The health-conscious cafe has been doing its thing for 30 years, and they've got some colorful gluten-free and vegan options. So see ya later, burger with a lettuce bun. Hello, Jamaican Curry and Spiced Sweet potatoes.

This hole-in-the-wall vegan and 100% gluten-free bakery is tucked away in beautiful Sylvan Park, and offers everything from GF cakes and desserts to donuts and muffins. The Snickerdoodle and Lemon Blueberry donuts come highly recommended.

Right smack dab in the center of Edgehill Village, you'll find Taco Mamacita — a colorful, inviting cantina outfitted with an entirely separate, gluten-free and vegan menu. They've got your back when it comes to having plenty of scrumptious GF choices to choose from, ranging from soups to tacos to Vegadillas.

Pancakes the only thing you can cook? Let's see those skills. At Pfunky Griddle, you fry up your own pancakes and french toast. Every table has a griddle in the center so you can create your own pancakes… and trust us — it’s more fun than it sounds. There's the gluten-free pancake batter and French toast, plus gluten-free grilled cheese and tomato soup options for lunch.

Two Boots' crusts are handmade and cornmeal-crusted, which is pretty Southern if you think about it — and they're gluten-free AF. Some mentionable pies include the V for Vegan, Tony Clifton, and The Dude. What do those mean? We're not telling. Stop in to the Midtown eatery (open late) to see for yourself.

You can find these GF and peanut-free baked goods in nearly every coffee shop in Nashville. The Wild Muffin storefront is an entire experience — pick out your gluten-free faves. We're partial to the Cinnamon Walnut muffin — the top is dipped in butter and dipped again into a cinnamon sugar mixture. A tad naughty, but gluten-free, nonetheless.

This East Nashville casual, cozy vegetarian restaurant has a mostly gluten-free menu. Favorites include options like vegan queso (must try the nachos), Buffalo Tempeh Strips, Lentil bowl, and Sweet Potato and Black Bean tacos. But seriously, order the nachos.

If you love a stacked deli sub and a pint of beer, Clawson’s is the place to be. Wedged in the Wedgewood-Houston area, this deli offers all of their menu on gluten-free bread and offers homemade sauces (some vegan), fresh ingredients, and 50 different brews (two on tap), plus growler fills. Try the “Nashville Cuban” or the Ham, Bacon, & Brie sandwich with strawberry preserves for a little something different.

The menu at E+ROSE has been carefully crafted by a registered dietician, and is plant-based and mostly GF. Rest assured, you’ll leave here feeling full, healthy, and happy. Grab a cold-pressed juice, quinoa tabouli, or Nashville Hot kale salad — they’re all good choices.


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