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These Nashville yoga studios are the best in the city, and they each have a unique character that reflects the neighborhood they call home. So, tuck your yoga mat under your arm, grab a friend, and get ready to find your flow at these must-try studios around Music City.




With hustle and heart anything is possible — Inner Light Yoga’s message is posted in Instagram-worthy fashion on the back wall of the studio. And it’s true, anything is possible, especially at Inner Light, where the instructors put together empowering playlists combined with strength-building poses. And while yes, this high-energy studio right in 12th South teaches yoga, these classes are yoga workouts, so expect to break a sweat.

Right off Wedgewood Ave. around the corner from 8th Ave. South, Yogasoul seeks to empower you with a variety of classes and workshops like Acroyoga, candlelight Vinyasa, a number of hot yoga flows, live music practices, and meditation sessions. So if you’re looking to spice up your practice, Yogasoul has just what you need. But aside from their awesome lineup of offerings, what they're equally known for is their community. Here, your fellow yogis will be there to welcome you with open arms and support you on and off the mat. And really, what more could you want?

If you want to dive deeper into your practice, then Sanctuary in Green Hills is the place for you. Their longer classes can go up to an hour and a half, and allow time for instruction and helping you nail those inversions. Don’t be intimidated, though, the teachers are super passionate, and are there to help you explore your own passion for yoga (even if you don’t want to go upside-down).

Fahrenheit Yoga previously called Brentwood home, but they've since relocated to an incredible two-story space in the historic 12th South neighborhood. And this studio is all about bringing the heat — literally. Using infrared heat to bring up the temperature, you can unroll your mat in everything from a Power Vinyasa class to Hot 26 (which focuses on the same 26 poses and two breathing exercises) and fusion classes. Consider yourself a early-riser? They also offer a 5am Club - Hot 26 class to get your day started on the right foot.

This modern studio in Elliston Place has a big city feel, which probably stems from the enormous amount of events Hot Yoga Plus is involved in. In addition to ass-kicking hot yoga, this local spot also teaches paddleboard yoga with Paddle Up Nashville for those interested in a unique fresh-air flow. And if you're short on time, but still want to get a workout in, they also offer an Express Flow that will get you sweating and into savasana in just 44 minutes.

If you like it hot, Yoga Harmony is your spot. They use infrared heat, which makes the class much less humid than other heating methods (we’ve got enough humidity in Nashville). While not quite Bikram, their Hot 90 class is pretty close, and they offer 60- and 75-minute versions for the days you want to take it easy. And when you're in need of a relaxing flow to center your mind and destress, their Tender Lovin’ Harmony class is a restorative can’t-miss, you’ll just need to make reservations in advance.

CorePower Yoga


Currently bringing the sweat to Brentwood and the booming Green Hills area, Nashville yogis can’t get enough of CorePower Yoga. The reason? This yoga space is all about fitness. If you’re new to yoga, you'll see how the practice can actually be an effective workout in their intro CorePower 1 class. If you’re an avid yogi, they'll will take your practice up a notch by incorporating strength and cardio moves, along with some heat, into their flows.

Small World Yoga has been connecting Nashville communities to the power of yoga and bringing yogis together since 2014. And since they opened their brick-and-mortar studio, they’ve continued to give back in a big way. Stop by the Music City’s first non-profit community yoga studio on 17th Ave. S for Power Vinyasa, Deep Rest, or a weekly donation-based Community class. We can’t think of a better way to benefit your body and your soul.

Hot Yoga of East Nashville is a trendy local studio that offers something for everyone, from meditative to some of the most fun sessions you’ll find in a yoga practice. You’ll definitely get the neighborhood vibe here, and you can support it, too. Give back to the community by joining their donation-based class that benefits an East Nashville charity.

Flowing in Germantown, Steadfast and True Yoga is edgy, innovative, and offers over 40 classes per week in all sorts of styles. You can take anything from Ashtanga and Iyengar to Hatha Vinyasa and Hatha Opening, but no matter what you choose, you can count on caring and encouraging instructors to guide you along the way. Because if there's one thing that's a priority at this uplifting studio—everyone is always smiling—it's ensuring that every student gets what he or she needs from their yoga practice.

Making their home in the ever-so-charming 12th South neighborhood off Central Ave., Liberation Yoga is a fun, friendly place where you can move through dynamic and empowering flows taught by elite teachers. How elite? Raquel, the studio owner, has a background in Zen Buddhism, and she provides a nice synergy between yoga and inner connection. But quite possibly the best part about this place is there's no frills, no gimmicks, just yoga.

Eighth Ave. is booming with cool new spots and now, you can add an awesome yoga studio to the list. NuPower Yoga offers a fresh take on the traditional practice by incorporating nuBell weights into their classes. Unroll your mat in their heated flow, Vinyasa, or restorative yoga classes and get ready to leave feeling balanced and rejuvenated. They even offer interval-based fitness classes that fuse yoga, cardio drills, and functional fitness exercises into one heart-pumping workout. Still wondering what nuBell weights are? Stop by their studio and see for yourself.

Right on Music Row in the center of town, Shakti is no doubt a Nashville favorite. This colorful studio is set in an old house, providing a true sanctuary to come and detox. It’s like doing yoga in your living room — but without the cat. Plus, they offer heated power flows as well as some rare gems like Yin and Tantra yoga.

Looking for more than just a yoga studio? You’re in luck. Climb Nashville is just as much a climbing and fitness gym as it is yoga studio. Both the West and East Nashville locations offer a variety of yoga classes from yoga strength and Vinyasa flow to restorative yoga and a meditation and yoga fusion class. After you’ve stretched it out, you’ll be fully ready to take on the toughest of problems on their indoor climbing wall.

This neighborhood yoga studio in East Nashville has created an environment where everyone can feel welcome to stop by and unroll their mat, regardless of shape, size, or fitness level. And while they specialize in challenging hot flows (their Total Core class is no joke), if heat isn't your thing, they also offer a non-heated restorative practice as well as meditation sessions. You'll want to keep an eye on their workshop schedule, too, they're known to host fresh-air classes at local breweries.

**Updated May 2019.



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