Introducing BOOTHCAMP, Shawn Booth’s Bootcamp-Based Fitness Studio

Introducing BOOTHCAMP, Shawn Booth’s Bootcamp-Based Fitness Studio

Alright, Nashvillians, get ready to have your butt kicked by a new kind of bootcamp — the Shawn Booth Boothcamp.

Name ring a bell? Well, if your list of guilty pleasures includes Monday nights with a glass of wine and The Bachelor/Bachelorette series, then you’re on the right track. Founder Shawn Booth appeared on the show back in 2015 and actually ended up winning the competition.

But before (and after) all that, he was busy in the gym as a certified personal trainer. And now, he’s sharing his skills and sculpting bodies in his namesake gym, BOOTHCAMP.


At the beginning of June 2018, Shawn announced on his Instagram that he would be taking over the former Vigor Fitness + Wellness Studio space and turning it into his “dream gym”, promising a team of all-star trainers.

Fast forward to the end of the month, and the Pie Town fitness studio officially opened, offering seven classes a day, seven days a week. And if you take the midday class, there’s a good chance Shawn himself will be the one whipping you into shape.


Here’s how BOOTHCAMP does things a little differently. They break down daily workouts, so each day focuses on a different part of the body. And every class uses aqua punching bags, a bungee resistance wall, battle ropes, rogue bikes, and more, so you’re still guaranteed to get that full-body burn.

On Tuesdays, you’ll target your upper body, on Wednesdays, you’ll work your arms and abs, and on Fridays, it’s all about your legs and glutes — you get the drift. One thing’s for sure: you’ll never be bored and your body will never look better.

It’s not just about classes, though. BOOTHCAMP also offers hour-long strength coaching sessions for those working toward specific goals and special services for individuals or groups (even those bachelorette party groups from out of town).


Need a little prep before you take the plunge? Download the BOOTHCAMP app so you can start training at home, get some healthy eating tips, and share your progress with the community feed. It’s kind of like having Shawn as your own personal trainer!

But you shouldn’t be nervous about stepping foot in BOOTCAMP — although some gyms can be super-intimidating, that’s not the case here. The #BCAMP leaders insist “teamwork makes the dream work” and emphasize the importance of team mentality to maximize individual potential.

So, grab a buddy or make a new one at BOOTHCAMP, your official fitness home.