Triple Threat: GrowHouse Method is a Gym, Local Art Gallery, & Dreamy Plant Oasis

Triple Threat: GrowHouse Method is a Gym, Local Art Gallery, & Dreamy Plant Oasis

Attention all plant parents! If it’s tough to get motivation to head to the gym, we’ve got a new place that might make it a little bit easier — or at least less dreary. GrowHouse Method is a unique triple-threat in Five Points boasting a plant oasis as a gym, shop, and local art gallery. Your next workout will seem like a walk in the park.


GrowHouse isn’t your average fitness facility decked out with cheesy motivational fitness posters on the walls. Instead, the interior is covered in a leafy wallpaper and houses dozens of plants, all of which are available for purchase. Owner and certified trainer Molly Caroline has a degree in horticulture and believes there’s nothing more enriching to one’s wellness than plantlife. And we can’t agree more — that’s as fresh as oxygen gets!

The space is designed for small group classes and one-on-one personalized training using weights and machines geared towards a personalized workout specific to your body goals. You can sign up online for individual classes or get a few friends to join in for a group session.


In the mood to meditate? There is no better zen than a greenhouse sun salutation! GrowHouse has a flow schedule for energy well-being and meditation, Vinyasa yoga, dance, and aerial classes. You can pay $18 for a drop-in class or buy a bundle of five or ten classes.

GrowHouse doesn’t just walk the walk, though — they talk the talk too. Growth is through everything they do and they work with clients to create special nutrition plans to go along with the workouts to ensure you’re living your best life both in and out of the gym.

And that’s not all. GrowHouse is working on opening up an herbal lounge and event space. Kava bar anyone? Sounds like the perfect way to hydrate after a good sweat.

All of this is in efforts to change the way we look at working out by making it an immersive experience instead of a chore. So, head over to the east side and see for yourself how a little green puts a smile on your face and some pep in your step!