Train Like a Ninja Warrior at Adventure Fitness Nashville

Train Like a Ninja Warrior at Adventure Fitness Nashville

Ever wondered what it’d feel like to be a ninja? Well, now you can be one. Nashville’s ninja warriors are back in action, and they’re bringing innovation to Music City’s rapidly growing fitness scene.

Back and better than ever

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image via Bernadette Ruby Photography for Adventure Fitness

Adventure Fitness Nashville is Nashville’s first comprehensive obstacle course gym. Co-founded by “Ninjaneers” Briggs Schneider and Chris Boehm of Team NASH—Nashville’s own Ninja Warrior team who competes locally and nationally—their gym features obstacles replicated from the popular show American Ninja Warrior.

Adventure Fitness Nashville prides itself on meeting you where you are, so don’t feel intimidated. You are exactly where you need to be, and you can simply show up to start leaping, crawling, hanging, and running up warped walls. And there’s no doubt, under their experienced coaching, you’ll leave with some new tricks up your sleeve and a fresh boost of confidence.

Join Adventure Fitness Nashville for an open gym every Monday and Thursday (7-9pm) to test out your ninja skills, and they’ll host Ninja Fit every Saturday at 10:30am. But if you don’t have ninja-like focus (or coordination) to train on your own, ask about the personal obstacle training.

Now it gets real

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image via Bernadette Ruby Photography for Adventure Fitness

Join the ninja warriors for their official reopening, the Open House, August 19. This free event will allow anyone a chance to try out various obstacles and join in on a number of hosted challenges and workouts. Their Ninja Fit class, for instance, is a dynamic session inspired by the moves you’ll do on the course.

Team NASH will be at the event showing off their impressive stunts while also helping newbie ninjas (maybe like you) complete some of the obstacles.

Plus, Kristin Benton, who started FXP Hula Hoop Fitness, will also be at the event too. FXP Hula Hoop Fitness has been featured in the Boston Globe, Glamour, Jet, and more (you could say it’s a big deal). And it is, because this low-impact exercise is a blast!

Maria Bascetta and Gil Goodman of The Southern Squeeze are joining the party as well. If you don’t know, The Southern Squeeze is a local gym full of fitness nerds that know how to laugh. Say hi!

Come meet the whole gang, get ready for an unpredictable and unbelievable workout, and see you at the Open House!