11 Healthy Breakfast Spots to Check Out in Nashville

11 Healthy Breakfast Spots to Check Out in Nashville

Grabbing a quick breakfast or something on the go is essential to starting off your day in Nashville on the right foot. Surely, your barista will put a smile on your face as he hands you a pour-over coffee and a smoked salmon breakfast bagel to-go — it’s early-morning Southern hospitality.

Nashville satisfies all of the AM cravings, and we do it fast and healthy (if you know where to look). Looking for a whole grain bagel? Check. Biscuit sandwich? Yup. Acai bowl? Oh, you know it. And we’ve even got turmeric overnight oats! Read on and start your day with the crème de la crème of breakfast in good ol’ Nashville.

  • Fido

    Image via @fidonashville | Instagram

    Fido, also a Bongo Java creation, is a Hillsboro Village favorite among Nashvillians. And, as a huge bonus, they serve breakfast all day in case you overslept. Fido has an extensive bagel sandwich menu, as well as a variety of options for scrambled eggs, huevos rancheros, and gluten-free French toast. So treat yo’self!

  • Proper Bagel

    Healthy Breakfasts Nashville
    Image via Anna M. | Yelp

    We may be in the South, but we can do bagels in New York City fashion. Proper Bagel is right off Belmont Blvd. near Hillsboro Village, and there, you’ll pick your homemade bagel, pick your custom cream cheese, or opt for one of the many farm egg sandwiches (with a side of sweet potato mash to go with). They’ve got artisan toasts too, if bagels aren’t your thing.

  • Milk & Honey

    Healthy Breakfasts Nashville
    image via @pinknobles | Instagram

    If you need a real energy boost in the early morning, The Gulch’s Milk & Honey opens at 6:30am. Here, you can top a grain bowl with a soft-boiled egg or choose from their many toasts. Our pick? It’s a tough choice between the Fig & Prosciutto Toast or Mushroom & Ricotta Toast.

  • BOX

    Healthy Breakfasts Nashville
    Image via @boxnashville | Instagram

    BOX is another Bongo Java creation on 10th Avenue, near 12th South neighborhood, but is far from similar. BOX offers nutritious options like green smoothie bowls, veggie sausage, overnight oats, sweet potato biscuits, and the popular Bhakti Bowl, which includes rice, chickpeas, veggies, sweet potato, and pickled red onions topped with tahini lemon sauce.

  • Bongo Java

    Healthy Breakfasts Nashville
    Image via Bongo Java | Yelp

    Bongo Java is the OG coffee shop in Nashville. Also on Belmont Blvd., you’ll always find the shop stuffed with Belmont students studying, writing poetry, admiring their artwork on the walls, you name it. And there’s a reason they love Bongo—the Bongo Basic never disappoints: two eggs your way, hash browns, toast and coffee for $7. Bongo also offers scrambled tofu, breakfast burritos, and bagel bombs (stuffed with goodness).

  • Crema

    Healthy Breakfasts Nashville
    Image via Crema | Facebook

    Crema, in Downtown Nashville, is easily the best place to get a fancy pour-over coffee, cold brew, or espresso. But we’d argue that people really go to Crema for the avocado toast and quiche. The avocado toast is topped with goat cheese, red pepper flakes, microgreens, and lemon juice. Meanwhile, the quiche has roasted poblano chiles, garlic and Monterey Jack cheese.

  • Frothy Monkey

    Healthy Breakfasts Nashville
    Image via frothymonkey | Instagram

    Frothy Monkey is that friend you can always rely on. They’ve got good coffee, make-your-own omelets, parfaits and breakfast buns to go, and more. If you’re asking, you must try the California at least once—two fried eggs, avocado, and sprouts on sourdough with salsa. Plus, they have four Nashville locations—did we mention they’re reliable? Get your day going in 12th South, Downtown, The Nations, and Franklin.

  • Sam & Zoe’s

    Image via @samandzoes | Instagram

    Sam & Zoe’s is the favorite café in Berry Hill. Known for their popular sweet wraps, you can choose between the Peanut Butter Wrap or Strawberry Granola Wrap. If you’re in the mood for savory, Sam & Zoe’s has that too—breakfast burritos, bagel sandwiches, and the veggie breakfast burger.

  • Rush Bowls

    Image via @rushbowls | Instagram

    Prefer your smoothie in a bowl and loaded with fresh toppings? The Gulch’s Rush Bowls is just what you need. They nix the artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives, and MSG, instead offering options for all of the dietary restrictions—vegan, wheat-free, soy-free, or nut-free.

  • Turnip Truck

    Healthy Breakfasts Nashville
    Image via @theturniptruck | Instagram

    If you truly need something quick, The Turnip Truck (in The Gulch and East Nashville) has a hot bar with foil-wrapped breakfast burritos and biscuit sandwiches ready to go. Grab a ginger or wheatgrass shot on your way too!

  • Franklin Juice Co.

    Image via @franklinjuice | Imstagram

    Wake up needing the best acai bowl in Nashville? If that’s what you’re in the mood for, head to 12th South neighborhood or downtown Franklin. Franklin Juice Co. keeps it seasonal with tropical toppings in the summertime and pomegranate seeds in the winter. Though, you’d be missing out if you didn’t order the Bombom, which is topped with granola, bananas, strawberries, almonds, cacao nibs, and local honey.