Get to Know TRUMAV Fitness, a One-of-a-Kind Studio by Tim McGraw

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Get to Know TRUMAV Fitness, a One-of-a-Kind Studio by Tim McGraw

Music City’s biggest stars have been reaching beyond the microphone lately, making moves to follow their passions — and you know we support them. So, when Tim McGraw partnered up with Snap Fitness to create a fitness studio based on his own workout routine, naturally there’s no better place to put down roots than the heart of Nashville. And after a number of pop-up and preview classes, TRUMAV Fitness opened its doors on January 18, 2019 in The Gulch.

Trust in Tim

TRUMAV Fitness merges Tim McGraw’s deeply-rooted values of health and fitness with his desire to help others achieve the best life they can. His partnership with Snap Fitness, a national fitness franchise, began in 2017 and aims to provide a community for people to feel inspired to take control of their fitness journey.

With some help from former college football player and Very Cavallari TV personality Wirth Campbell, TRUMAV Fitness will have top-of-the-line trainers to match its top-notch location in The Gulch next to Uncommon James.

You Won’t Like It, You’ll Love it

TRUMAV makes it easy to upgrade and intensify workouts proving determined and strong is just as good as humble and kind. Find your stride solo by taking advantage of the fully-equipped open gym or enjoy the motivating atmosphere of a group class. The two signature class programs are based on Tim McGraw’s favorite way to sweat — he combines high-intensity interval training with wearable technology, turning up the heat on any routine.

For true beginners, TruFit is the answer. This class is designed to spark some serious changes using full-body, metabolism-boosting plans in a beginner-friendly format. Each day offers a new way to sweat.

Feeling like a superstar? Take it to the next level with TruPower. This advanced version of TruFit picks up the intensity for even faster results and higher limits to reach. Either route is sure to have you walking out feeling like your own idol. Well, aside from idolizing Tim.

Become An Original

If a killer workout approved by one of the fittest men in country music isn’t enough to light a fire, TRUMAV is willing to sweeten the deal. The first 100 members to join Tim’s gym lock in a $99/month rate for life, with one month free. To become a TRUMAV Original head on over to their website. And if you already missed the deal, you haven’t missed the boat — learn more about upcoming events and deals on Instagram.