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JUL 14, 2020



At some point—and this will happen—sticking to your favorite yoga, cycling, or bootcamp workout loses its shine. But after buying multiple memberships, you eventually cancel them because you can barely afford to live in NYC as it is.

And you're not alone. Which helps explain why combination classes have started sprouting up as an effective solution to this studio hopping, and Box + Flow, a combo concept proving opposites attract, has been making quiet but steady growth here in NYC.


If you haven’t tried it yet, Box + Flow is a 50-minute combination class featuring nine rounds of boxing on a personal punching bag followed by a recovery Vinyasa flow down on a mat. According to Olivia “Liv” Young—who founded Box + Flow’s NoHo studio three years ago after years of boxing and teaching yoga—exercise is all about balance.

“Boxing gave me strength and confidence and yoga forced me to slow down and feel,” Young says. “These two modalities shaped me physically and mentally. I wanted to share that feeling, of finding ease through resistance, flow through the fight, with the world. So I created the method that made sense to me. Inspiration and empowerment, through energy, breath, movement, and music.”

And as Box + Flow expands for the first time in February 2020, a pristine new studio in SoHo, she’s confident the off-pace combo is the ideal remedy for monotony and reconnecting with your body.


Young says the first studio in NoHo was more of a proof her concept would work. “NoHo is raw,” she told us. And by raw, Young means really raw. She opened the NoHo Box + Flow totally on her own.

“I stopped fighting myself and my life started to flow,” Young says, “[It was] self-funded, [and I was the] sole founder, and investor. I found a space, painted the walls, hung bags up, and believed that I could. And I did. Sounds simple. It was. But it felt much more complicated. I was scared. But not scared enough not to.”

Young now has the backing, thanks to a fiercely loyal following, for a little help on the “big, bold” SoHo studio. The design of the space itself will have “big, beautiful art, color — black, white, red, gold.” Checkered bathroom tiles, Warhol-esque art, and the studio even has an entire wall sewn with a sea of roses — but Liv will be quick to point out that even roses have thorns. And on top of this mood-derived design, the SoHo studio will also hold double the capacity of the NoHo studio, with half the room set up with bags and the other half open for mat space.


Young wants to take her Box + Flow mission and eventually spread it worldwide. But for now, her focus is on the SoHo studio, which opens February 18. Some may call a second studio opening a success story, but Young has a different perspective.

“A success? Every day is different,” she says. “Wins and losses along the way. It’s a marathon. I’m just getting started.” If your willpower was dipping, even if the punching and posing doesn’t stoke your fire, the go-getter instructor at the helm certainly will.


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