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APR 15, 2019



Whether you’re trying to channel your inner Rocky, secretly envy Gigi Hadid, or just want to mix up your workout routine, boxing-style workouts are all the rage in the studio scene right now, and these amazing spots are proof. Check out all that the NYC boxing world has to offer and get to jabbing — boxing is cheaper than therapy after all.

Boxing babies, this one’s for you. Lots of fitness classes may say they’re good for all levels, but this place actually delivers. Every sequence is broken down to help beginners catch on slowly before the intensity gets turned up. And they’ve even got two kinds of classes: one that focuses exclusively on boxing and another called Box WORK that mixes in HIIT-style training (think medicine ball throws, burpees, and kettlebell swings). Plus, this NoHo studio has an “asshole-free” policy, so the energy may get intense, but it’s always positive.

Michael Olajide Jr. was ahead of his time when he opened Aerospace in Midtown back in 2004. It was an instant success then, and it’s still one of the best boxing studios in the city. With punching sequences interrupted by toning moves (sit-ups, what’s up?) and a whole lot of jump roping, expect to leave with your obliques on fire and your body pretty close to drenched in sweat. And if you don’t quite have those double-unders down, don’t be surprised if you leave with a decent amount of jump rope whiplash (it’s a thing). Oh, and you may just see some Victoria’s Secret models getting ready for the runway because the angels swear by Olajide’s toning power.

Want to learn a little bit about boxing while getting your butt kicked HIIT-style? This trendy Tribeca studio is your jam. While “The Pound” is known for personal training and celeb sightings, they also offer group boxing classes where mastering technique is first, but boxer conditioning exercises like squats, burpees, crunches, and battle ropes are a close second. It might take you a little while to integrate into the scene, but once you’re in, you’re in. And after that, expect to spend at least an hour after class hanging with team and taking photos for the ’gram. Fitt Tip: they don’t allow jewelry, so make sure you leave that nose stud and wedding ring at home.

Shadowbox’s approach is to take the basic tenets of modern boxing and apply them to fun, 45-minute group workouts. The group boxing studio itself is an enclosed, soundproofed room filled with 40 heavy bags (all numbered), each equipped with an attachment to hold your towel, water, and gloves. In some kind of mood? This studio isn’t about emotionless workouts. Shadowbox requires passion: thumping music, dark lighting, and high-energy plyometrics (jump training). After your sweat sesh, hit up the front of the studio for a Jùs by Julie or cup of Kilogram Tea.

Throwing jabs and hooks is all the rage in celeb and boutique-y studios, but Rumble isn’t your run-of-the-mill kickboxing studio. Instead, class-goers spend half of their 45-minute class punching it out on Rumble’s tear-shaped, water-filled bags and the other half working on strength-training and body-weight conditioning. And this boxing studio (with locations in NoHo and Flatiron) is all about replacing intimidation with cool. Enter: cushioned benches for hanging out and swanky locker rooms equipped with selfie-approved lighting. Let’s just say you’ll never have to worry about getting punched in the face (#winning).

Alright, spiritual gangsters and badass yogis, this workout was practically made for you — both of you. Box + Flow is for women who aren’t afraid to get messy and men who aren’t ashamed to flow. This basically means that the 55-minute class is all about bringing together opposites (i.e. “fight” and “flow”) in a spiritual dance. The class starts off with beats like DMX and Nirvana for some good ol’ boxing sequences, and then transitions to Bon Iver and Frank Ocean for fast flow sequences and child’s pose. Check out their NoHo location for a workout that is equal parts zen and adrenaline. Mind-body-soul equilibrium, here we come.

Title Boxing Club opened its first location in Midtown West in June 2014, which basically makes it one of the OGs. This studio (now with a second location in Midtown East) is all about empowering people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds by making them drip sweat until there are straight up puddles on the floor. No, seriously. Title’s goal is to reawaken people’s fighting spirits by giving them a bag to beat up. And it’s effective. Next time you’re on the West or East Sides, check out this sweat spot and start perfecting that right hook.

If authentic is what you’re going for, add this NoHo hot spot to your boxing to-do list. With gritty decor, few amenities, and dark basement classes, you’ll show up wondering whether you’ve just stepped into a cultish meeting or a shadowboxing class (The space used to be where anti-war movement groups hung out in the ’60s). But don’t worry — it’s definitely a boxing studio. If PBR is your drink of choice, make sure you come by Friday nights because Overthrow offers Box & Booze, which is exactly what it sounds like: a cardio session followed by foamy brew.

When it comes to skill level, Mendez Boxing runs the gamut. With first-timers, world champs, and everyone in between, this Flatiron club offers an opportunity for both amateurs and pros to train or compete, or both. First-timers, your first group session is free, just pay $15 for hand wraps and gloves. And pros, you can use the studio’s two training rings and heavy bags to work out on your own. You’ll come for the authentic Fight Club feel, but stay for the great coaching and community.

If you’re good at picking up at hints, you won’t be surprised to learn that this studio is for badass babes only. This female-only sparring spot is all about the power of women, which means ladies, you can take classes here without having to worry about being outnumbered by bag-jabbing dudes. The only downside of WWB is that it shares a space with Mendez Boxing, so you’ll have to pay both a Mendez Boxing fee (to use the space) and WWB dues to join the squad. Our advice: rally your girl gang and call WWB your new hang spot for girl’s night.

Straightforward. Effective. Intentional. When it comes to boxing classes, those three things are essential, and Gotham gives ’em to you every time. Plus, with studios in the West Village and SoHo, lower Manhattanites are hitting this sweat spot by the masses. But that means if 7am or 6pm are your favorite to times for fitness, register early so you don’t get on the waitlist. Fitt Tip: both boxing gloves and hand wraps are required for every class. Bring your own or get there a few minutes early to rent or buy a pair at Gotham.

Don’t dismiss this national chain just ’cause it’s a chain. With an emphasis on heavy bag work—which means every student gets their own bag—you’ll feel like you’re in your own private gym. So whether you’re looking to burn fat, reduce stress, or just throw some high kicks, CKO is all about real people using real bags to get real results. And if you like HIIT-style workout, this spot is for you — once you get that heart rate up, it’ll stay up. Bonus: the first class at any of their Brooklyn or Queens locations is free.

At every Trinity Boxing Club training session you’ll feel like you’re fighting for the title, which means the vibes here can get pretty intense. Group classes are kept small and combine shadowboxing, sparring, and heavy bag and speed bag (the one that’s kept at eye level) work with conditioning exercises like jump rope. This Tribeca spot gets bonus points for focusing on form. They make sure you know the difference between boxing and throwing punches (no, they’re not the same thing).

Church Street Boxing is the love child of an authentic fighting club and a welcoming NYC sweat spot. They offer more than 100 boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and bootcamp classes a week (at all of their Tribeca locations), which means however you wanna hit it, they’ve got it. And ladies, don’t let the fact that this is the largest boxing gym in the city keep deter you, half of the boxers at this gym are women. Honestly, the authentic, gritty vibe is the best part, so come feeling rough and tough and ready to fight.

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