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JUL 14, 2020



We can’t walk into any pharmacy or grocery store these days without spotting CBD (also called cannabidiol) products on the shelves. But Standard Dose, a CBD company, is introducing an entirely new, extremely well-designed concept into the world of CBD. They just opened up an emporium and wellness space complete with meditation and CBD drinks. The three-story, 2,400-square-foot facility at 26th and Broadway encourages patrons to step into a palace of soft colors, minimalist designs, and herbally assisted relaxation.


Now a 22-billion-dollar industry, CBD is already finding its way into our healthy food, our drinks, and there are plenty of wellness pop-ups that explore yoga with CBD, but this move may be the first time a CBD company has taken that very physical step to solidify itself as a wellness brand. Standard Dose aims to be a one-stop shop for all CBD products, but more than that, an experience — essentially like a Whole Foods is for organic food. And their new space is a significant step in making that vision happen. Keeping the focus on wellness, Standard Dose founder Anthony Saniger told Fast Company that his brand never wants to be mistaken for a dispensary.

Placing the new emporium in the middle of the highest concentration of WeWork offices in the city, the goal is to make it a regular lunch break stop so workers can recharge their batteries, resetting their minds as well as their bodies and creating a more holistic approach to the CBD trend. Standard Dose will host meditation classes, which finish with the option to hit the bar serving CBD-infused Japanese tea. There’s also a private treatment spa where you can relax with facials, massages, and private tea ritual ceremonies, which encourage you to quiet your mind and be at peace with yourself and humanity. Rooftop yoga classes take place every morning, and the evenings conclude with partnership events and educational programming. Call it a CBD sanctuary.


With the sheer amount of different CBD products available in stores and online, the Standard Dose emporium is simplifying your search in terms of retail. There will only be one product on each shelf, as to not overwhelm customers. You can taste and test the products, and even request a sample to take home. The mission is to focus on ingredients and solutions, whereas a traditional CBD retailer might focus more on brand name and the product line as a whole. The company emphasizes education of CBD — and it’s about time because product labels feature ingredients including everything from hulled hemp seeds to full-spectrum oils and everyone, from legislators and investors to people like us, is a bit confused.

Whether you’re attending morning yoga, a lunchtime meditation session, an evening program, or you’re just looking to talk to a CBD expert and purchase a product, an experience at this new concept in Flatiron is worth a try. Standard Dose’s holistic approach might just be your turn-on to the CBD trend, and coming into their new store to reset might just become part of your workweek routine.


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