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JUL 14, 2020



Self-care practices have taken over the wellness industry. From watching nightly skincare routines on your Instagram Story feed to squeezing regular massages and meditation sessions into your daily regimen, we are focusing more on our personal health, wellness, and sanity than we ever have before.

Wellness destinations, like Manhattan’s Chillhouse, are making it cool to be a little self-indulgent (in the best way, of course). And founder and CEO Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton is capitalizing off of the massive trend, providing comfort and coffee in the heart of the bustling city that needs self-care the most.


Ramirez-Fulton founded Chillhouse as “a destination for modern self-care”, and her creation has grown into a picturesque sanctuary consuming Instagram feeds and drawing customers in with photos of its neon signs, the promise of complete relaxation, and enviable nail art. The new SoHo flagship, which opened November 2019, is everything Chillhouse appears to be online and more. Offering facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, sauna sessions, and a wellness cafe, Chillhouse is a hub for all things treat yo’self.

From camo nail art to sweaty sauna bliss, the SoHo shop is the middle ground of day spas, sitting comfortably between the shady nail salons and the high-end luxury retreats. Instead of booking separate salons for a manicure, a massage, and a sweat sesh, you can make a day of self-care and indulge in all your wellness needs under one roof.

In addition to saunas, the affordable services offered at Chillhouse include facials, massages, and nails services. Their facials range from 25 to 80 minutes and provide anything from a quick facial tune-up to a whole new glow. As for their massages, some are time-based and more general like “The Works”, perfectly capable of leaving you with that post-massage bliss. Others are service-based, like “Hangover Cure”, which is used to, well... help cure hangovers.

Chillhouse offers a wide range of nail services as well, from a quickie manicure to intricate nail art. Oh, and they even have a “Dude, Where’s My Mani?” option for any dudes out there who love a little cuticle maintenance.

Arguably one of the best things about Chillhouse? You don’t even need to book an appointment to experience the chill. You can swing by the cafe and wine bar for a Chill Me Out Latte and some me-time without spending more than $7.


Part of the reason Chillhouse gives off the luxury vibes you find yourself double-tapping on their Instagram is because of its chill interior design. Ramirez-Fulton went full millennial on NYC, coating the walls in a clean pastel pink, incorporating their “chill” wavy lines into their furniture choices and wall art, and making the wellness hub feel both high-end and welcoming.

The flagship’s window reads “New York is stressful. Find your chill”, and Chillhouse is working to make that task even easier in the future. While their flagship already bringing New Yorkers all the chill vibes, they’re revamping their Lower East Side location as well. Slated to reopen December 16, the pair of boutiques will allow America’s most stressful city to find even more of its best self.


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