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FEB 14, 2020


So, you’re fired up and ready to get fit. But now what? Well, a fully-customized workout plan and accountability buddy would be a game-changer. Enter: Future, a digital personal training app that will transform the way you think about your fitness routine.

“I signed up for Future in June and have not missed a workout — it was the service I was waiting for!” Dorrian P, San Francisco


Known for their unrivaled one-on-one coaching experience, Future is not another one-size-fits-all fitness app — far from it. Their individualized workout plans are created with your specific goals and schedule in mind. Then they go the extra mile, connecting you with a personal coach who’s laser-focused on helping you get results.

Speaking of coaches, getting connected with yours starts as soon as you head to the website or download the iOS app. From there, you’ll answer five simple questions about your activity levels, nutrition, and goals. Armed with this information, Future scours its ranks to identify the best match for you. Then, you’ll hop on a 30-minute FaceTime call with your new trainer to kick things off.

No matter your goal, to get stronger, run further, be more active, or bounce back from an injury, you’ll be paired with a world-class pro—like AVP Beach Volleyball player Milani Pickering or former Team USA Taekwondo athlete Elisha Voren—who will give you all the guidance and support you need to get after it.

“With constant travel, a busy work schedule, a fear of group classes, and busy gyms, I’m always making excuses to not work out. Future has changed that for me.” Ashley S, New York


Prefer an at-home sweat session before heading into the office? Cool, they’ll set you up with a guided workout, complete with step-by-step audio and video cues for every move. Want to get in some weight training at the gym or go for a run once a week? You got it. Future won’t make you give up your SoulCycle or Rumble Boxing classes, either. Instead, they’ll integrate the studio workouts you love into your weekly plan, all you have to do is say the word.

Upping the impact, Future uses Apple Watch to help your trainer keep tabs on your performance, so they can ensure you’re always making progress.

But your coach is more than just an encyclopedia of fitness tips and tireless source of motivation. They’re real people you can text or call when you need a pep talk or have a question. (Did your Future trainer just become your best friend?) Plus, they’ll check in with you daily to help hold you accountable or switch things up when something unexpected happens, like a business trip or family obligation.

“I’m getting compliments that I never got with my in-person trainer who was so much more expensive.” George R, Los Angeles


If you’re thinking, “this all sounds great, but it’s gotta be pricey”. Think again. A subscription to Future is a better deal than a gym membership you’ll never use or the high-end spin bike you don’t have room for. Plus, right now, they’re offering $50 off your first month. So, try Future for yourself, and see what’s possible when there’s someone there to help you stick with your new, healthier routine.

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