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JUN 3, 2019



It wasn’t so long ago that a Shirley Temple stood as the only “mocktail” around, but around the country, bars, and restaurants are sobering up. Non-boozy hangouts for health-minded people are trending and the country’s largest city is—of course—no exception.

Getaway, a new bar now open in Greenpoint, shines in the spotlight as the first brick-and-mortar non-alcoholic bar to open up in New York City, and it’s likely the first of many such spaces catering to a generation championing sober socialization.


You’ll find Getaway by looking for its neon sign outside reading “0%”. Although mocktail options are available at bars around the city, Getaway is the first bar to serve—as the sign suggests—completely zero-proof drinks... and only that. Bar co-owner Sam Thonis says the inspiration to create Getaway came from wanting to provide a social nightlife option for people that doesn’t revolve around alcohol, like most other NYC spots do.

With a super-relaxed, fern-filled, dimly candle-lit, and Instagram-ready atmosphere, Getaway is all of what you’d expect to find at the classic Brooklyn cocktail bar — not excluding the hours and music. However, straying from substance is more than a novelty for Thonis and fellow owner Regina Dellea. After Thonis’ brother had entered recovery programs, they found themselves without a safe and social place to hang in late at night. Thus, Getaway was born.

“We wanted to provide a space where people didn't even have to think about alcohol,” Dellea says. “Some people may be fine with someone they’re with or someone nearby sipping a cocktail, but others may not, so we wanted to remove that concern entirely.”

Thonis has lived in Greenpoint for about nine years, easily connecting with other small business owners in the close-knit Greenpoint community to open the bar. In establishing a neighborhood safe space, the local support network has been valuable — but it also plays a huge role in creating the bar’s atmosphere and ambience, as well as the clientele.


No, you won’t find a generic Shirley Temple on the mixed drinks menu at Getaway. Instead, you’ll find a lingonberry, cream, lemon, vanilla, and cardamom concoction called ‘A Trip To IKEA’, Dellea’s favorite on the menu. Thonis, meanwhile, loves ‘Paper Train’, which is mixed with vanilla, tobacco syrup, lemon juice, and San Pellegrino Chinotto. Outside of mixed drinks, the bar serves house-made shrubs — slightly acidic cordials made from vinegar, fruit, and club soda. Try the super creative Fig & Cinnamon shrub or the exotic cordials like the Tangerine Sea Salt, Thai Basil, and Pineapple Szechuan Pepper. Along with an additional coffee and tea selection, there’s much more where these mocktails came from.

Respecting your diet as much as your sobriety, you’ll be able to snack on a few items while you imbibe. Getaway is currently serving local Greenpoint bakery darling Ovenly’s baked goods, as well as a crudite plate with made-from-scratch hummus and a jalapeño mint yogurt. They’ll soon be introducing cheese boards and smoked fish boards to the menu as well.

Getaway is everything you’d expect from your favorite hangout — enough so that if you’re not already living the sans life, you might find that you don’t even miss the booze. Stop by on a Friday with a group of friends and experience a sober night out. Who knows, it might just become your new healthy vice.

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