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JUL 14, 2020



The way we see it, there’s really only two ways to handle social distancing. Either you’re fighting over toilet paper at the grocery store, or you’re crushing Zoom calls, looking on the bright side, and trying to stay healthy.

If you’re still trying to live your best life (you got this!), you’ve come to the right place. From self-care to streaming workouts and the scoop on who’s delivering healthy eats, this guide is for you.


@krissy_jones | Instagram

All gyms and studios seem to be making a massive pivot to meet you at home, but a few stood out.

Manhattan HIIT concept Fhitting Room was quick to launch ‘Live’, a complement to their existing on-demand platform. A class pack (or your existing membership) grants you access to a schedule with three virtual classes per day. FYI: dumbbell and yoga mat suggested.

Sky Ting TV, “Yoga Television”, is so necessary in times like these. Unlimited yoga, guided meditations, a gorgeous room full of natural light, house plants, and stuffed animals… it brings us life. It’s $20/month, but they’re currently offering a seven-day free trial.

NEOU has been a production studio from the start, streaming its in-studio workouts for a truly exhausting amount of classes. Popular on the channel: Radio City Rockette-founded dance-cardio from Jane DO, CrossFit training from two-time “Fittest Woman on Earth” Annie Thorisdottir, and Essentials, cooking classes with Seamore’s founder Michael Chernow. Right now, NEOU is offering 50% off its yearly subscription.

For those of you who didn’t think to grab a few hand weights or resistance bands, P.volve has 20% off its signature equipment to use with its at-home workouts. The p.ball might look kind of weird, but there’s a reason celebrities love these functional Pilates-like exercises.

Yes, there will be days when you won’t feel like working out… or feeling like doing much of anything. Luckily, there are a number of studios looking out for your mental health, too. NYC meditation studio MNDFL has taken to IG Live so you can MFH (meditate from home). The donation-based sessions can ease you into a yoga nidra nap or quiet your racing mind.

Equinox has meditation podcasts called HeadStrong, each designed for a different mood or time of day. And SoulCycle is rolling out regular fitness content too, but we’re most excited to see what they have planned for their Self-care Sunday.

Brooklyn’s HealHaus is continuing their mission of “healing through community” at home, live-streaming three yoga and three meditation sessions daily. It’s free and unlimited for members, while drop-ins are available for purchase.

Relax. Breathe. Let that shit go.


JABS by Gina

Like a modern-day Billy Blanks, Gina DiNapoli has brought her kickboxing-dance-cardio craze from Equinox to Instagram. She’s hosting 15-minute JABS classes on Instagram Live every single day — indefinitely.

We know you stocked up on wine, or maybe Drizly is on the way, so grab a bottle of Pinot and hit the lunges, presses, and Russian twists with Google and Discovery Channel corporate trainer Elise Young.

Akin Akman, the former SoulCycle star who formed his own “AARMY”, has been hosting workouts on IG Live as well. And to be honest, he’s whooping everyone’s ass. His workouts are no joke, and he’s not going to let you off easy just because you can’t make it to the studio.

Robin Arzón—yes, Peloton Robin—is super-excited about fresh classes being filmed at the new Peloton studios in New York. She’s keeping what’s to come under wraps for now, but Peloton has a free 90-day trial of their at-home workout app with not only cycling, but yoga, HIIT, stretching, and strength training on deck.

Three-time American Ninja Warrior Angela Gargano is proving you don’t need a home gym set-up to stay fit. Her makeshift pull-up bar is brilliant. She’s also got core workouts with a towel and lower-body with your emergency jug of water.

We bet you never thought you’d get to work out with trainers from the $900/month Performix House. But elite trainers Trevor and Kurt are proving you can still get a sweat on outside.

If you’re stressed or anxious beyond belief, let us introduce you to Gater, aka Lindsey Gaterman. She’s offering spirituality and meditation sessions on IG Live, delivering the dose of love and kindness we all need right now.


Oath Pizza | Facebook

Still gotta eat, right? Might as well make it healthy.

First, happy spring. You may have forgotten that means it’s farmers market season, and GrowNYC’s Greenmarkets have been deemed an essential service. As of this writing, they’re open with fresh produce and artisan goods.

If you can’t go out, everyone’s favorite juicery Juice Press just launched a grocery delivery service. If you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn, call them up for things like oat milk, almond milk, fresh produce, more.

Plant-based eats from The Butcher’s Daughter are available on just about every delivery platform, AND they have everyday essentials like freshly baked breads, granola, coffee, and more.

Empty streets have some benefits. With no traffic in sight, Springbone Kitchen has been able to expand delivery of their delicious bone broths — their couriers are literally zooming through the streets (also, delivery is free).

When you just want to eat your feelings, there’s Van Leeuwen’s range of vegan ice creams, available on Goldbelly, Caviar, Uber Eats, and Postmates. Oath Pizzeria has healthier take & bake pizzas coming your way. And when in dire need, order the Hot Mess from Hartbreakers — it’s a fried plant-based “chicken” sandwich smothered in vegan ranch.

This one’s pretty interesting: You’ve probably run out by now, so Dr Smood has you covered on hand sanitizer. When you swing by for an immunity-boosting curbside pick-up, they’ll refill a 16oz. container with their homemade, all-natural germ-be-gone.


sweetgreen | Facebook

Remember: we’re all in this together. And there are some incredible efforts going on to support those in need.

Dig, through Dig Feeds, is now donating a meal every time you order one — they’re serving hospitals, homeless shelters, and even helping out small businesses with their supply chain (Dig has its own farm upstate). Oh, and if you can’t be at home because you’re a nurse, doctor, or hospital staff (we salute you), Sweetgreen has a free salad with your name on it.

The Goods Mart has you, your loved one, or a complete stranger in mind with its Surprise Snack Box, filled with sustainable, good-for-you snacks. The Manhattan bodega makes it easy to donate to someone in the healthcare or restaurant industries.

Fitness studios and restaurant groups are asking for your help, too. You can always support your favorites with a gift card, but restaurants have made it clear we can play a bigger part with crowdsourcing on GoFundMe. But, the best thing we’ve seen is by 232 Bleecker, Dig’s sit-down restaurant in the West Village — it’s offering “Dinner Bonds” on its site, a $75 purchase guaranteed for $100 when they reopen.

As if we have to say it: please don’t hoard food. We’re thankful for Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, and other retailers opening up special times for the elderly and at-risk populations to shop.


Here at Fitt, we’re living for the good vibes, and we’re taking a lot of wisdom from icons Lizzo and Matthew McConaughey. It’s mind over matter, and we wanted to show you that there’s a lot to feel good about, and a lot to do, while you’re at home.

This sign near The Bowery made us smile.

So did this dog video Chillhouse posted. Pro tip: you can make your apartment a “ChillHome” with skincare, candles, calming aromatherapy, and more.

If you want to come out on the other side of this twice as cultured, might we suggest virtually visiting an exhibit from MoMA. Never been to the Guggenheim? It’s one of 10 museums you can take a Google Street View tour of. And while the Bronx Zoo is closed, the world-famous San Diego Zoo has its cameras rolling.

If you had to cancel a vacation, satisfy your wanderlust with MORE Google Street View, discovering some of the world’s greatest wonders and tourist attractions.

And finally, some indulgence. NYC speakeasy Patent Pending is offering cocktails for delivery with a free bag of chips, and they’ll throw in a roll of toilet paper with an order over $50. Meanwhile, Goldbelly has boozy ice cream Tipsy Scoop stocked and ready for your doorstep. We like the Get Lit Birthday Party Pack, even if it’s not your b-day.

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