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Meredith Rigsby

MAY 28, 2019

Whether you hit the gym hard or prefer to brunch and burn, breaking a sweat ranks high on your to-do list. We get it — it’s not like you need much convincing. But imagine how much better your workouts would be if your employer was picking up the tab.

That’s the huge upside to using Peerfit, a digital health company and fitness booking platform that’s flipping the idea of corporate wellness on its head.


Peerfit’s approach to living well doesn’t include a boring biometric screening or counting steps. Instead, they’ve created a program you’ll actually want to take advantage of: access to your favorite NYC fitness studios. It’s an opportunity to get in the gym and hang with your co-workers somewhere other than a conference room.

So get ready to challenge your team to some friendly competition while putting New York-born gyms like fitness powerhouse Brrrn, treadmill studio Mile High Run Club, boutique concept FitHouse, and more into your workout rotation. The kicker? It’s all 100% covered through your insurance or employer, so you can finally check out that cardio-heavy class at F54 Training in the Lower East Side or Flatiron that you’ve been eyeing without having to worry about paying a drop-in fee or membership costs.

And unlike other flexible fitness offerings out there, with Peerfit, you’ll have free reign over every studio’s full schedule. That means blackout class times aren’t a thing, and you’ll be able to use your credits when traveling to other states. (Your work trip just got an upgrade.) No worries if, after spending your commute fighting for standing room on the subway, you can’t make it to class. You can always stream live and on-demand workouts from your favorite studios at home.

Simply put: Peerfit isn’t just an upgraded wellness solution, it’s an all-access pass to the city’s ever-expanding fitness scene — all on someone else’s dime. Plus, it’s an awesome way to connect with your colleagues, you know, the people you spend almost every day with. Now that’s what we call an all-around win, friends.


Want in on the action? Give your employer a nudge by nominating them to join the Peerfit community. And if you’re already a Peerfitter, rally the office and sign up for a class from their lineup of incredible studios. Nothing beats a group HIIT class or fast-paced Vinyasa flow followed by some sweaty high-fives and a no-shower happy hour.