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JUL 14, 2020



A trendy laundromat sounds pretty out of place for NYC. A trendy laundromat with an organic cafe and coffee shop sounds made up. When we go to a laundromat, we’re pretty accustomed to fighting for machines, sitting in grimy metal seats, having to pay to run the dryer a second time because our laundry didn’t finish drying the first time, and leaving with a growling stomach because the process ran into our dinner hour. Celsious is the answer to all of our weary New York City prayers.


The eco-friendly Williamsburg laundromat was founded by Theresa and Corinna Williams, who both have backgrounds in fashion. Their love for the environment and passion for fashion drove them to open Celsious. The idea of a clean and eco-friendly laundromat is novel, admirable, and worldly — with each cycle, Celsious provides launderers with complimentary detergent from The Simply Co., a three-ingredient, eco-conscious mixture available fragrance-free or lightly scented with organic lavender essential oil. Though, while we do love the smell of fresh laundry, we are here for the food, the coffee, and the wellness programming.

Inside Celsious, you’ll find Clean Café, which is Celsious’ innovative way to get their laundromat customers to sit down and stay awhile, turning a chore into a social experience. The cafe offers locally sourced foods and coffee drinks to power you through your (otherwise tedious) wait.

Clean Café uses organic espresso brewed by Caffè Vita in Bushwick and pairs it with grass-fed Ronnybrook Farm whole milk or homemade almond or cashew milk. In addition, for all the hip Brooklynites, they have kombucha on draft, as well as peppermint green and tangerine ginger iced teas. The cafe also offers cleansing drinks, like their ACV water, which is made with honey-infused apple cider vinegar (beware the kick).

If you’ve got both lights and darks to do, browse the food menu, where you’ll find all the organic eats, like Brodo broth (bone or vegetable broth with boosters), seasonal salads, chia pudding, and beef bites. If you have a sweet tooth, they also offer organic pastries from Saraghina Bakery, who's known for using ancient and whole grains, slow fermentation methods, and organic ingredients sourced from local farms. It makes a breakfast pastry a little sweeter for health nuts.

The cafe is located on the loft level of the laundromat, so if you’re paranoid (like us), you can keep a weather eye on your spinning clothes. If you’re more easy-breezy, head outside to the patio dining area and get some fresh air with your snack.


Without having to race your neighbor for the one dryer left at your local corner laundromat, you’ll have plenty of time to sit back and take in the clean aroma of Celsious. If you time it right, you’ll even have to opportunity to unwind while your socks spin; Celsious regularly hosts sitting meditations, yoga and Pilates classes from the likes of CorePower Yoga and lululemon, and the ever-popular Tarot Sundays channeling empowering feminine energy. Watch their social for the next session.

But, outside of soul cleansing, you can swing by anytime between 8am and midnight Monday through Sunday to give your clothes an easy spin, grab a little free WiFi, and pull up a seat for a turmeric latte on the bright (and immaculate) patio that’s somehow part of an NYC laundromat. Go figure.


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