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Ryan Deer

The Butcher’s Daughter, the self-proclaimed “vegetable slaughterhouse”, is the dreamy all-day restaurant New Yorkers flock to for plant-based plates and hearty conversation. It’s a tangible vibe engineered by founder Heather Tierney and executed by teams of talented chefs. The community, the ambiance, the endless supply of perfectly-ripe avocados — it’s an experience you wish they could package up and send home with you.

Well, you might be pleased to learn they’ve distilled everything you love about TBD down into a counter-service operation with the debut of a cafe, bakery, and market of the same name.


Amidst airy interiors, broad wooden communal tables, and so many succulents, The Butcher’s Daughter already had the spotlight for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. Their three NYC restaurants (Nolita, West Village, Williamsburg) have a unique philosophy for food. The all-vegetarian restaurant treats vegetables like meat—they chop, filet, and carve fresh, seasonal produce—crafting a menu full of mostly vegan, mostly gluten-free cuisine, plus pressed juices.

The new bakery + market is a natural extension and welcome complement neighboring their Williamsburg locale. The idea was “to create a space where our community can revel in all that The Butcher’s Daughter has to offer,” says Tierney, who also serves as the brand’s creative director. Here, you can belly up to the butcher block bar with a piping cup of coffee or take a wellness latte for the go, but the intoxicating aroma of artisanal bread coming hot out of the oven might be enough to convince you to join the 17-foot-long communal table.

As if The Butcher’s Daughter didn’t already produce a top-tier avocado toast, possibly the best in the city, could anything be better than having it served on a warm, slightly chewy Extra Sour Sourdough, Gluten-Free Ciabatta, or Maple 9-Grain? Brought to life by Executive Pastry Chef Perry Ledesma, the in-house bakery is a riff on old-world bread making and will also churn out a new array of vegan and gluten-free morning pastries like a gluten-free Huckleberry-Ginger Muffin or Vegan Classic Croissant (sans butter).

Best bread you’ve ever tasted? It’s a very real possibility. And in line with the cafe + bakery’s dedication to community, they even want to teach you how to make it through bread making classes and DIY instructional workshops.


The new concept is the perfect adaption for those who can’t sacrifice the time for a formal meal or even those that prefer the New York’s emerging cafe culture, where all-day hangs with a few flat whites and house-made muesli are the norm. TBD obviously had this in mind when they introduced Wi-Fi, the first time they’ve offered it to guests. It’s there for you, but you don’t have to use it — instead, we’d insist on observing the artistry going on in the pastry and bread room, which is on display through massive windows behind the counter.

If you happen to stick around for a while, know that they’ve brought over a few classics from menu next door, such as the Spicy Kale Salad and seasonal creations like the RightRice Tabouli Bowl. And the cafe’s simple menu comes complete with full-scale coffee service featuring a house blend created local roaster Devoción, TBD signature cold-pressed juices and organic smoothies, and the aforementioned Wellness Latte, which can be made with nut or hemp milk.

Before you leave, which will probably be when they kick you out at their 4pm close of business, peruse their corner market, stocked with pantry items like exotic spices and organic olive oils, TBD-label candles and bath products, and that Slutty Red wine we all love.

If the wafting smells near the corner of Metropolitan and Driggs Ave. weren’t telling, the cafe + bakery + market is open, with fresh, vegan loaves on the rack as early as 7am. Be there!