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MAR 24, 2020



So, you and your crew have decided to jump start the month with the Whole30 challenge. Or you just joined a CrossFit box and have been convinced to give paleo a whirl. Or maybe you’ve been about that paleo life since before it was a thing. Whatever the reason, becoming the resident paleo restaurant expert in NYC will definitely earn you some brownie points.

Whether you’re looking for grass-fed paleo burgers, a great cup of paleo bone broth, or even paleo vegan food, NYC has the lifestyle covered. Some of these spots give their paleo items a call out, others simply know and list their wholesome ingredients, but none sacrifice taste.

This seasonal prepared-food shop is as trendy as it is cheery. And it’s spreading across the city — since opening in Tribeca, there are now four Manhattan locations and one Brooklyn outpost. While it isn’t strictly paleo, dishes like hormone/antibiotic-free chicken with rosemary, lemon, thyme, and sea salt, the roasted salmon with herb salad, and charred avocado make finding a paleo meal easy. Hop in during your lunch break to pick up a quick bowl or pull up a seat at one of their two-person tables.

Listen up, trend-obsessed New Yorkers with an affinity for bone broth. This paleo-centric restaurant in the West Village takes the new soup beverage to the next level with meal-worthy flavors. Think: Chicken Zoodle Soup, Grass Fed Beef Broth With Kimchi Juice, and Root Broth made with grass-fed beef, ginger, and turmeric. Not in the mood to drink your paleo-approved calories? Try out their “Spaghetti” Bolognese for something rich and meaty or their Vanilla Chia Pudding topped with grain-free granola for something sweet.

This upscale salad shop is doing some serious expanding, and that’s a good thing considering their array of locally-sourced, organic options. While they aren’t officially paleo, they offer an array of veggie, nut, and fruit toppings. So you’ll have no problem subbing the cheese on your order, or finding four-plus dairy-free toppings that are just right for a make-your-own meal. Fitt Tip: when in doubt, order the Harvest Bowl and switch out the goat cheese for avocado.

With the tagline “food for humans”, Hu serves strict paleo dishes you can count on. Their menu is entirely gluten-free and unless specifically marked, all items on the menu are dairy-free, grain-free, and paleo. With everything from made-to-order breakfast bowls with organic eggs to veggified Thai food dishes, Hu’s got something all paleo-eaters lovers will drool over.

Fast paleo eats? We’re all for it. This West Village gem offers three bone broths using either beef, chicken, or turkey bases — plus speciality vegetable broths for the vegetarian and vegan paleo crowd. Bonus: they’re served in an easy-to-drink coffee cup. They offer a menu of add-ins like bone marrow, beet juice, and garlic puree that all punch a mouthful of flavor. Fitt Tip: a second full location is now open on the UWS, and Brodo Windows in the East Village and SoHo offer walk-by bone broth service.

This farm-to-table East Village eatery is owned and operated by the same guy who owns Brodo, so you can bet it’s good. While Brodo specializes in broth, Hearth serves up nutrient-dense eats with an Italian influence. With meals like the Bunless Grass Fed Beef Variety Burger, Whole Spatchcock Chicken with Roasted Cabbage, and Salmon Tartare with Rye Berries, the high-quality meat makes the price tag worth it. Oh, and only natural sweeteners are used, so don’t shy away from at least hearing the dessert menu…

This certified gluten-free restaurant is a good choice for finding paleo options because ALL ingredients are listed on the menu, plus, their offerings are centered around local, seasonal, and natural ingredients. We recommend paleo-eaters skip the bowls and create their own protein plate, so that whether you’re ordering the steak with charred broccoli or salmon with roasted kale, you don’t have to get into it with the waiter. And while you’re there, you better try their cold pressed Little Beet Juice; it’s their namesake after all.

Who said you need eggs, dairy, soy, unnatural sweeteners, or gluten to make red velvet cupcakes and double chocolate chip cookies? Certainly not this vegan sweet shop. Whether you’re a vegan with a sweet tooth or just looking for a paleo/allergen-friendly place to indulge, this Lower East Side shop will have you swooning over their sweets.

Buy foods from farms, roll with the seasons, make meals from scratch, serve mostly vegetables, and nurture the next crop. These are the kitchen rules of Dig, where healthy-leaning New Yorkers gather in droves for the Cashew Kale Caesar, Meatball Market Bowl, and Charred Brussel Sprouts. And while most of their 20+ city spots have a grab-and-go lunchtime vibe, their Nomad setup has a casual restaurant atmosphere, and even serves wine. Fitt Tip: if you can’t stand lines, avoid this popular lunch spot between 11am-1:30pm.

Okay, we’ll be honest — it’s a stretch to call this place paleo. But with a choice of free-range, pasture-raised, antibiotic-free, hormone-free meats like beef, elk, bison, wild boar, duck, and turkey, we’re throwing it on the list for paleo-eaters who are craving a burger. Plus, they have lettuce wraps, burgers-on-salads, gluten-free bun substitutes, and organic veggies. It may take a little finagling — so we recommend just creating your own — but that first juicy burger bite is totally worth it.

Head to Foragers Table for an elevated dining experience from start to finish. While this wine store/market/farm-to-table restaurant is on the pricier end of the spectrum, it’s the perfect spot for a paleo date night. With an abundance of meat options—anything from duck breast to octopus to a traditional roast chicken—we promise you’ll leave satisfied. Fitt Tip: hit up the attached market for curated local goodies.

The first Tender Greens opened in 2006; today, there are 30 locations across the country, each operated by a unique executive chef. Check out NYC’s Bryant Park or Union Square location to try—okay, devour—the famous steak plate. And trust us, you won’t get sick of this spot — every day, every location offers a brand-new, unique dish.

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