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Amanda Katz

As everything else in New York has a “healthy” version, it was only a matter of time before they came for our corner stores. You’ve already been brought up to speed with Bonberi Bodega, the all-green, vegan lifestyle convenience store that set up shop in the West Village. And now, The Goods Mart, the LA-born health-conscious convenience store, is a little closer to your SoHo stoop.


Boasting over 300 grab-and-go household staples, The Goods Mart is a place you’ll want to meet up with neighbors while grabbing a can of cold brew. From the beginning, the shop’s founder, Rachel Krupa, was committed to creating a space for customers to feel a sense of community while going about their routine shopping trip. She started with Krupa Consulting, a PR firm that works with food brands, restaurants, and leaders in the wellness world. Shortly after, The Goods Mart was brought to sustainable life in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

What sets the new East Coast location apart from its sister in Silver Lake? All tips collected are donated to a selected local charity of that month. Also, the Lafayette St. spot is half the size of LA’s original.


Don’t let the store’s size stop you from heading over. Walk into the tiny store and find fridges lining its walls with products like coconut water, sparkling Pellegrino, and gut-healthy kombucha.

Looking for the perfect pre-Friday-night-in hors d’oeuvre? Grab a vegan cheese wheel. How about Saturday’s late breakfast? There’s a hormone-free imported special breakfast burrito with your name on it from LA’s own Burritos la Palma. And how about washing it down with a cup of La Colombe coffee costing just $1.25? That’s right — just like your favorite corner store, you can satisfying your craving without the cost.

At the store’s center, you’ll spot the “lazy Susan” spread of high-quality snacks and products that you won’t see in other corner stores, like artisanal chocolate with rose petals. From a sustainability angle, they sell “ugly” vegetables—produce that normally gets the boot—provided by Local Roots and Norwich Meadow Farms. And top off your trip with a $15 bouquet from Big Apple boutique floral shop Gem Fleuriste.


Get working on that shopping list and do your body (and your local NYC community) good; The Goods Mart is open at 189 Lafayette St. from 8am to 9:30pm daily. It’s ideal for a quick plant-based meal or a bag of coconut chips to grab on your commute ahead of a long day in the office… but don’t be surprised if you’re inspired to stay a little longer to bump elbows with your like-minded neighbors!