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JUL 14, 2020



Green juice and vegan protein smoothies don’t have to be the only way to stay cool as you stroll the sizzling New York sidewalks. But if you’re vegan, seeing cones stacked with off-limits, milk-based flavors is enough to make you want to really scream.

Thanks to these vegan ice cream spots, you can lick your way through a NYC summer the vegan way.

Grab your dairy-tolerant and intolerant friends, and hit up Van Leeuwen for classic and vegan scoops made with a handful of fresh ingredients that (literally) melt in your mouth. The classic scoops are crafted with nothing more than fresh milk and cream, cane sugar, and egg yolks. Vegan scoops are made with house-made cashew milk, organic coconut milk, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic cane sugar, pure cocoa butter, and organic carob bean. The vegan flavors come in more than just the standard vanilla and chocolate, so check out their website to see their rotating options. With a handful of locations in and around the city, you’re never too far from a happy mouth… and possibly a brain freeze.

Stop by Chloe’s at their Union Square digs for a vibe that screams bougie beachside ice cream shop. Hamptonites, you’ll feel the same affection for this joint as you feel for your vacation scoop joint, but without any of the guilt. Their all-natural, dairy-free, not-quite-froyo, fully-fruit product is everything we've ever wanted. With “ice cream” made from just fruit, water, and a touch of sugar, you can expect simple fruity flavors like plum, tangerine, pumpkin, and pineapple. Flavors are seasonal, giving you the perfect excuse to eat ice cream all year 'round!

A casual stroll through Prospect Heights will make spotting this creamery easy — just look for the line down the block. While Ample Hills serves more than vegan flavors, milk- and cream-lovers often opt for their plant-based treats because they’re just as good as their dairy counterparts. The King of Mangoes and Lemon Sky (a gingery limoncello ice cream that tastes like nights on the back porch) are just come of the unique flavors here. If that's not enough, visit to check out the spin bike that churns ice cream! There are a few other locations popping up around New York, so keep your eyes open!

Manhattanites, it’s time to swipe those MetroCards and take the train to Cobble Hill for Thai cream rolls. With soy-base creams for the dairy-averse and plenty of vegan toppings like lavender, coconut flakes, and Oreos, vegan hand-rolled ice cream has never tasted so good. However, these Instagrammable goodies come with a $7.50 price tag, which is steep even for New York. For a cheaper alternative, hit up their Light Bulb Ice Drink menu for a slushie-like beverage that’s served—you guessed it—in a lightbulb.

This rapidly expanding vegan hot spot has a cheery communal vibe, complete with lots of plants, a big workers table, and even a swing. Its main attractions include the Guacamole Burgers, Mac ‘N Cheese made with sweet potato “cheese” and shiitake “bacon,” and Kale-Matcha Mojitos. However, CHLOE’s 100% vegan, plant-based, all-natural, and kosher ice creams, “Chill by Chloe”, are just as beloved. Available in both pint-sized and four-ounce portions, flavors like Kale Cookies + Cream, PB + J, and Strawberry Jam have never been so diet-friendly.

A vegan dessert-lover’s paradise, you can choose from at least 10 different classic flavors like butter pecan, cherry vanilla, pistachio, and even mint chocolate chip at this Boro Park, Williamsburg, and Flatbush sweet stop. But bring your dairy-digging friends because there are options for them, too. Fitt Tip: Ice Cream House virgins should go for the Non-Dairy Banana Split, a three-scoop vegan delight. Don’t ignore this Brooklyn fave during the winter either; they’ve got hot sips, soup, and even pizza!

Prepare to have a new favorite food on a stick. While their gelato bars might be tempting, their sorbet bars are a delicious vegan option. Popbar in Greenwich Village blends local, seasonal fruit with water and a little bit of sugar to create the most refreshing, delicious handmade ice-pop around. Keeping the flavors simple with options like kiwi, apricot, grapefruit, and peach, these pops will remind you of your childhood go-to. But if you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and ask for a dip their vegan dark chocolate sauce — it tastes especially good with the strawberry flavor.

Looking for a spot for vegan and vegetarian eats in Brooklyn? This is it. Whether you want some vegan hot dogs, vegan lasagna, or a vegan sundae, Scoops & Plates is the neighborhood stop that has it. The tofu-based ice cream flavors are usually pretty generic (pistachio, vanilla, chocolate) but delicious all the same. If you're lucky and stop in on a day when they’re serving up grapenut (yes, like the cereal), we definitely recommend getting a scoop. Fitt Tip: After you get your cone, take it with you for a walk around Prospect Park — it’s right across the street.


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