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UPDATED JUL 22, 2020

We’ll admit it. The NYC yoga scene can get a little woo-woo. But it’s not all crystal energy and incense. Pick any practice from this list — these studios have the perfect mix of zen and movement.




Not only is this studio’s freestyle flow seriously zen and modern, each of its three eclectic studios in Tribeca, Chinatown, and Williamsburg are a totally different experience. But don’t worry — there’s no chaos here, only classes that blend various forms of yoga together into one practice and lots of natural light. That’s not surprising considering that “Sky Ting” roughly translates to “heavenly sky space”. Once you roll out your mat, you're never going to want to leave.

New York and Australia are already aligned on coffee shops — Aussies do a flat white and avocado toast better than anyone. But we're also sharing yoga studios too. Humming Puppy, in Sydney, Melbourne, and just off of Sixth Ave. in Chelsea, invites you into their gorgeous second-level studio. With a lounge that looks every bit like a penthouse apartment (complete with white pillars and marble counters) and a minimalistic studio space with the perfect lighting, you might forget you're there to do yoga... which may be better than the interior design. Their "Yoga That Resonates" spans the lower-intensity Mellow Hum and Foundation Hum classes to the strengthening and more advanced Dynamic Hum, all taking place in an 80-degree yet super-chill atmosphere.

Om Factory is on another level. Like, an upside-down, high-flying level. We would venture to say that OF’s Union Square studios offer the most unique range of classes in the city. Acroyoga? Check. Vinyasa? Check. Aerial? Check. If it’s your first time using fabrics in a class, have no fear — there are different levels for each class type ranging from Beginner to Advanced (aka Cirque du Soleil-style). Of course, they also welcome beginners — just make sure to mention it to your instructor and leave your ego at the door. Bonus: a one-month membership is only $108. Considering that, in NYC, is the usual price of three drop-ins, this is is a great option for yogis looking to shake up their routine.

After a complete transformation in 2019, Laughing Lotus metamorphosed into a bright, colorful new concept called LL Studio. Their Flatiron location is now a trippy space, complete with a pink-hued tiger mural adorning the wall of the studio. Ditching the hippie vibes for a more modern approach, LL offers music-driven, energetic flows rooted in tradition but designed to conjure up a little of the "spice within".

When you bring Drake, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Cardi into the yoga studio, you can expect a flow workout that is lit AF. Y7 is the self-proclaimed original hip-hop yoga studio that offers classes like candlelit Vinyasa set to your favorite hip-hop songs of the past and present, as well as a 75-minute Vinyasa and Restore, which is carefully choreographed to music that ranges from Migos to Frank Ocean. The instructor will first instruct you through a flow, repeat the sequence at a faster pace, and then give you the chance to flow on your own to the likes of Kanye and Rihanna. These hip, city-wide studios are totally ideal for the music-lover and/or someone who just wants to practice unnoticed in a dark room.

Attention: this is the only Baptiste-style class available in the city. The co-owners, the husband-and-wife duo Bethany Lyons and John Murray, have created a strong following and encourage you to vibe off the energy of fellow yogis throughout class. The studios in Chelsea and Tribeca are clean, the classes are challenging, and there is usually an assistant teacher present to help correct form and deepen your stretch (we all still need it). We recommend trying out their OG studio (a former brothel — yes, really) in Tribeca if you are looking to get a great sweat under a watchful eye.

Modo Yoga has two studios in two trendy locations—Greenwich Village and Williamsburg—where classes are held in a heated room and are driven by the philosophy of their six pillars of yoga. With every practice, your aim is to Be Accessible, Be Community, Be Green, Be Healthy, Be Peace, and Live To Learn. Want in? Be on the lookout for workshops, retreats, and charity-backed initiatives.

This workout was made for women who aren’t afraid to throw punches and men who aren’t ashamed to flow. This chic NoHo studio offers unique classes that are part boxing and part Vinyasa set to urban beats like DMX and Nirvana. Inspired by its mantra—"flow thru the fight + fight thru the flow"—the studio aims to empower its students of all fitness levels. Yes, we know the boxing part may not be what you are looking for in a yoga class, but hey, all the supermodels are doing it now, right?

Yoga Vida is so chill. Each studio boasts a non-judgmental, all-inclusive vibe that welcomes all levels of yogis — it even offers pre- and post-natal classes. Year-round, you can find classes at their outposts, currently in Union Square, NoHo, DUMBO, and Tribeca. But keep an eye out for bonus classes in the summer — they’ve hosted various 50-minute Vinyasa classes as part of the Summer in the Square fitness series in Union Square. Check the site for dates and times and make sure to bring your own mat.

Alo Yoga is the brand responsible for the strappy-backed bras, color-blocked leggings, and ’90s-vibed outerwear that’s all over your Instagram feed — and they have their only East Coast studio in SoHo. But at 15,000 square feet, the store isn’t just about shopping; it’s about creating a haven for yogis to move, chat, model, and meditate. In fact, every day they offer three to seven classes with names like “Damn Good Yoga”, “Yoga For Athletes”, Float & Fly”, “Fall Into Your Heart”, and “Candlelit Yin”. And don’t worry — the leggings might cost you some green but classes will only cost you $35.

NEO U is pretty unique, even for NYC. It's a fitness hub known just as much for their in-studio classes as their streaming workouts and social media-activated space. They’ve got three fitness studios, a cafe, and high-end locker rooms (what’s up, LED shower heads?), and they offer over nine different concentrations of classes. Warrior Asana (a Yoga & Meditation class led by Sarah Otey) combines athletic mobility drills, basic Vinyasa, and rhythmic swing for an active, sculpting 45-minute workout. This class is best for high-intensity athletes looking for a pause rather than experienced yogis looking to master technique — but check out the schedule; there's something for everyone.

This yoga studio, nestled under the 59th St. (Queensboro) Bridge, gives off a cozy living room vibe. With exposed pipes, paper lanterns, white-painted bricks, and hardwood floors, Yo Yoga! is a Midtown sanctuary. If you’re looking for a typical NYC yoga scene spot, this isn’t the studio for you. Instead, Yo Yoga! promises “a very non-New York studio that just happens to be located in New York”. There are a few different class types based on style and intensity — the most notably of which is their Roof Deck Open Level Vinyasa. Yep, they’ve got a 1,300-foot view from their rooftop. So roll out your mat next to their potted plants and get flowin'.

What happens when the magic of yoga meets the intensity that tones our bods? CorePower Yoga. With locations on the Upper West Side, in Tribeca, and near Bryant Park, this Colorado-born workout is making moves into the city. With a design inspired by busy urban life, the studio is sleek, modern, and designed with green in mind. And this studio is seriously caring: they’re all about the environment, your internal transformation, and your physical goals. Plus, they offer wellness cleanses and yoga retreats for people ready to rediscover their power.

Pure Yoga’s Upper East Side and Upper West Side locations are the getaway spas of yoga studios (which is saying a lot considering NYC’s extravagant boutique culture). Here, soft lighting changes color with the flow of each class, candles dance like acrobats in the corners, and there are throw pillows that scream “lounge on me” literally everywhere. The locker room is equally as luxurious with rainforest-inspired shower heads and an amenity-laden post-class experience. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a sucker for a fitness sanctuary, classes like Pure Flow, Pure Heat, Pure Alignment, and Pure Mind will meet you where you are.

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