Introducing Avocaderia, The World’s First-Ever Avocado Bar

Introducing Avocaderia, The World’s First-Ever Avocado Bar

You already know that the city of chaos, Saturday Night Live, and The Naked Cowboy doesn’t sleep… but it also never skips a meal. And a dizzying number of those meals are superfood-boosted, Instagrammable, or served with a lavender-flavored ice matcha or ginger shot on the side (gotta power up to keep it moving on those busy sidewalks).

But among this hotbed of culinary creativity, Avocaderia has proven that it is one of a kind.

  • Attention avocado aficionados

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    We know you’re already hooked. This Brooklyn spot is the first-ever avocado bar in the world. That’s right — at this foodie paradise, the healthy fat (surprise!) is the stay of every single item on the menu: toasts, salads, warm bowls, smoothies, burgers, and—how could we forget?—even chocolate-avocado mousse.

    So whether you’re craving a classic breakfast-inspired avocado toast topped with an over-easy egg with guac and chips, or something a little spicier, this joint has got your back. Our recommendation: Try the Avo Burger (which gives By CHLOE.’s avocado burger a real run for its money) or the Pumpkin Veloute, which combines cream of pumpkin soup with avocado cubes and spiced pumpkin seeds.

    And vegans, while there’s a lot on the menu to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the Portobello Road bowl served with cashew-parm, protein-packed tofu, and hummus. Seriously, how’s that for midday fuel?

  • Surround yourself with avocados, not negativity

    Good eats and and happy communities go hand-in-hand, so it’s not surprising that healthy eatery features community tables instead of two-person tables and booths. And don’t be surprised to find people poppin’ in on the way the L train for a quick avo-adorned morning or posing with their lunch-time order in front of the ever-grammable “Smashed In NYC” sign that decorates the back wall.

    It’s an experience just to be there.

  • Time to get smashed

    avocado bar nyc

    If you find yourself in Brooklyn by day, definitely make a stop, as they’re only open from 9am-4pm on weekdays. And if you work a 9–5 elsewhere, make sure you make brunching here on the weekend a priority. While the hours aren’t long, here’s some good news: in spring of 2018 they’re predicted to open a second location at the Terminal Warehouse in Chelsea (just in time for the L trains shutting down…).