Introducing Beyond Sushi, a Local NYC Eatery Dishing Out Plant-Based Sushi Rolls

Introducing Beyond Sushi, a Local NYC Eatery Dishing Out Plant-Based Sushi Rolls

It’s no surprise that New Yorkers have a hearty appetite for sushi. Poke bowls, sushi burritos, and sashimi burgers are trendier than green juice, afterall. But there’s one major thing missing from everyone’s favorite sushi bar in Manhattan — the fish. But before you turn your nose up — hear us out. We guarantee that Beyond Sushi’s fishless sushi rolls are the vegan treat you didn’t know you needed. So grab some chopsticks, and get your grub on.

  • To Infinity And Beyond

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    The fact that this fishless sushi bar already has six locations sprinkled throughout Manhattan is proof that salmonless doesn’t mean simple and bassless doesn’t mean boring. The brainchild of Hell’s Kitchen finalist Guy Vaknin, this joint debuted its first spot in Union Square way back in 2012, then popped up in Chelsea Market, and now, has outposts in Union Square, NoLIta, FiDi, Midtown West, and Upper West Side. You could say they’re onto something.

    Beyond Sushi’s colorful rolls come wrapped in healthier rice (black or six-grain) and are packed with creative, delicious ingredients like mango, pickled jalapeño, sweet potato, jicama, and, of course, avocado. But their menu goes way beyond cucumber and fruit rolls. The culinary team fuses unconventional pairings of fruit and vegetables with whole grains to create a whole range of vegan rolls that are #HealthyAF. But don’t fret if you’re the meat-loving kind. The toppings mimic the texture of raw fish, so you won’t even miss the tuna or yellowtail.

    And let’s be real, what goes better with raw vegan rolls than a few tasty apps? Nothing, that’s what. In addition to rainbow rolls, the menu features dumplings, noodles, and soups with catchy names like Chic Pea, Smokey Tom, Jolly Onion, and Sassy Bean.

  • Stop, Drop, And Roll

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    The best part? Rolls cost $7.50 for eight bites, rice paper wraps are $6.75, and lunch specials cost $12.11 or less. That means your healthy lunch just got a whole lot cheaper. Worried about the lunch rush? Don’t be — they deliver.

    Fitt Tip: the seating at all locations except the one on W 37th St. is limited, so order your lunch to go and enjoy your delicious, fishless sushi creation at the nearest park. Your stomach will thank you.