Hit up Bonberi Bodega in West Village For Plant-Based Essentials & Good-For-You Eats

Hit up Bonberi Bodega in West Village For Plant-Based Essentials & Good-For-You Eats

You know you’re a New Yorker when you rely on the local bodega for all those necessary (or maybe, unnecessary) items more than anywhere else in the city. But don’t you wish your snack options included less bags of greasy chips and nachos with “cheese” sauce and more green juice and granola?

Enter: Bonberi Bodega, a new, all-vegan convenience store in the West Village — and they’ve got much more than good-for-you grub.

A Corner Store with Quinoa

Thought up by owner and editor of food and health website Bonberi, Nicole Berrie opened this “new kind of bodega”, on Bleecker Street in September in collaboration with local florist, Fleurotica. And for the next six months, the two businesses will share a space as part of a Love, Bleecker revitalization project — an initiative aimed at bringing customers back to the once bustling shopping street.

Clean & Convenient

More than your average “grab-and-go” bodega, Bonberi not only sells the essentials for your green lifestyle, but also provides a vibrant, open space for its customers. Large windows create a sun-lit seating area perfect for folks who want to sit and sip on their gut-healthy smoothie from Grass Roots Juicery.

While you’re there, pick up plant-based goods like turmeric powder, matcha, and banana bread. Looking to step up your self-care game? Bonberi Bodega also carries a handful of all-natural items like non-toxic nail polish and aluminum-free deodorant.

And when the hunger pangs hit, take a break from the Seamless app and head in for prepared clean eats. Made fresh daily, Nicole’s creations include options like quinoa bibimbap, steaming cauliflower bisque, and the “Elvis Jr.” — a sandwich made on whole wheat sourdough bread and packed with almond nut butter, strawberry jam, and bananas.

This place really has all that and a bag of chips (but only the healthy kind, of course).

Plant-based Essentials

So the next time you forget to pick up some premium olive oil at the grocery store, take a walk to your new bodega at 384 Bleecker St., it’s got all the plant-based essentials you could ever need. But we don’t blame you if you decide to settle in and spend the whole day snacking on gluten-free zucchini muffins, either.