bRUNch Running is Making Their NYC Debut With a Pop-up Event on April 14th

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bRUNch Running is Making Their NYC Debut With a Pop-up Event on April 14th

Sunday brunch is an almost-holy ritual in New York. Over bottomless bloody marys, stuffed French toast, huevos rancheros, and fresh-squeezed orange juice, residents of the boroughs inhale fuel faster than they ingest the week’s latest gossip. Resting Brunch Face is a weekly must-have in The Big Apple.

And while NYC has a (dare we say) shit ton of solid brunching options, it’s easy to get stuck in a brunch-slump: same avocado toast, same mimosa, same girl gang week after week. So it’s time to switch it up. Enter bRUNch Running.

We’ll (avocado) toast to that

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image via bRUNch Running | Facebook

Run. Eat. Drink. bRUNch Running keeps it simple: they pick a date, a restaurant, a 5k and 10k running route, a kick-asss menu, AND they take care of the check at the end. All you have to do is purchase your ticket online (for 55 green ones), lace up your sneaks, show up, and prepare to drink (responsibly-ish).

To be clear, they use the term “run” very loosely. It’s up to you how fast or slow you’d like to go.  So, whether you are just starting to dabble with the idea of running, trying to get back into it, can’t get enough, or despise it altogether, bRUNch Running is definitely for you. Unless you hate brunch… in which case, you might not be living in the right city.

Embrace your RBF (resting brunch face)

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image via bRUNch Running | Facebook

bRUNch Running was founded four years ago in Denver, CO when breakfast buddies Cortney Logan and Alexandra Weissner were sipping on mimosas and something amazing happened… they realized the word “run” appeared in the word “brunch”. Who doesn’t love a little word play?

The girls began bRUNch Running to promote and encourage runners to live a healthy, active lifestyle by bringing together physical fitness and food, because (duh) fuel is important for pavement-pounders. And so is having fun.

This not-so-typical running club has grown into a community hit in Colorado, Texas, and Arizona. And on April 14th, they’ll be making their debut in NYC with a bRUNch Pop-Up event in NYC.

Join the #bRUNchtribe

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In true “pop-up” fashion, they didn’t reveal the event location right away (and the anticipation was killing us!). But we’re here to spill the beans — bRUNch Running has officially announced you’ll be brunchin’ and boozin’ at San Remo Cafe in SoHo. Make sure you’re following bRUNch Running on Facebook and mark “interested” to get all the up-to-date info.

So go on, Fitt Nation, mark your calendars.