Get to Carthage Must be Destroyed, Brooklyn’s Secret Spot For Healthy Eats

Get to Carthage Must be Destroyed, Brooklyn’s Secret Spot For Healthy Eats

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a home décor Pinterest board IRL and aren’t totally over the millennial pink-everything trend, there’s a restaurant in East Williamsburg (read: Bushwick) you need to get on your radar.

A venue that can only be described as ‘very Brooklyn’—both in terms of geographic location and overall aesthetic—Carthage Must Be Destroyed is a breakfast and lunch eatery offering an organic and grass fed-heavy menu, and deep hipster vibes. So deep, in fact, that the entrance is hidden down an inconspicuous-looking driveway, and there’s zero signage for visiting patrons.

  • No flash photography

    carthage must be destroyed nyc

    The cafe’s interior is perhaps the most Instagram-worthy sight we’ve laid eyes on since the Museum of Ice Cream, but don’t expect to see the very pink dining room all over your social feed. Staying true to its mysterious exterior, the Australian cafe has a strict “no photo” policy. Patrons are permitted to take photos sans flash of their food, but everything else—the restaurant and the kitchen—are off limits, as are videos. So, to experience the wooden family-style tables, exposed brick walls, high windows, and pastel shades, you’ll just have to make the trek to Brooklyn.

    It’s worth noting that what is visible on social media doesn’t disappoint. Menu items like Foxy Porridge (Golden Spurtle steel cut organic oats served with grass-fed organic maple whipped cream, fruit, and caramelized pecans) and Summer on Toast (marinated goats feta, organic heirloom tomato, torn basil, chilli flakes, and lime) look good enough to eat, and to upload to your aesthetic feed.

  • Come hungry, leave full

    If you’re hungry for something more than food, Like A Prayer Yoga in the basement offers small, candlelight yoga classes that infuse essential oils and crystals into your practice. The all-levels classes, led by teacher and healer Heidi Baker, combine a variety of yoga styles with meditation, music, and energy clearing. But even those who prefer to skip downward dog can join in on group meditation classes, held on the last Sunday of the month.

    With an introductory rate of three classes for $30, this is self-care you can actually afford. And the setting can’t be beat; the studio is small, intimate, cozy, and should probably be renamed Like a dream.

  • Leave your phone at home

    carthage must be destroyed nyc
    image via @carthagedestroyed | Instagram

    Carthage Must Be Destroyed is open seven days a week from 9am to 4pm at 222 Bogart Street in Brooklyn. Practice some tech-free socializing, or head there solo to spend some time alone with your thoughts (and the $8 still waters).