Dr Smood is Making Healthy Eating Easy With Its Mood-Boosting Grab-And-Go Eats

Dr Smood is Making Healthy Eating Easy With Its Mood-Boosting Grab-And-Go Eats

Between tracking down gluten-free sandwich bread, getting a straightforward answer to “does this dressing contain dairy”, and avoiding inflammation-inducing oils, sometimes simply grabbing a lunch makes eating healthy feel like So. Much. Work.

That’s why wellness-conscious fast-casual luncheries are becoming increasingly popular among the yoga-lovers and everyday normals alike. But one Miami-bred cafe chain with five NYC outposts is making eating healthy more convenient than ever before.

“Smart Food For A Good Mood”

Dr Smood’s tagline isn’t just cute, it’s real. Before the chain opened in 2014, founders (and couple) Rene Sindlev and Patrizia Manici Sindlev recruited holistic nutritionist and healer Dr. Etti Ben-Zion to spearhead the menu.

The concept? Beat inflammation one on-the-go meal at a time. The result? A menu packed with GMO-free ingredients and zero dairy, preservatives, chemicals, HPP, pesticides, or refined sugar. Sorry, cheese and non-organic grub, there’s no place for you here.

The menu, which changes seasonally, is color-coded to denote health benefits. For example, a yellow stick marks “immunity” products (like Fruit Juice No. 2, a blend of pineapple, apple, lemon, and turmeric) while an orange stick marks “power” (like the wild-caught salmon sandwich served on “performance bread”). Other labels include, beauty, detox, energy, and health.

By the way, even the coffee is healthified: low in acidity, high in antioxidants, and no traditional coffee beans (they use white coffee beans instead!).

Count Nutrients, Not Calories

Whether you’ve got exactly 20 minutes before your conference call to grab ’n’ go, are looking for healthy food for cheap, or want to nosh on a gluten-free sandwich while answering emails (cheers to free Wi-Fi), Dr Smood is your place.

And good news for you WFH-ers (Work From Home, if you don’t know), they cater and deliver. We’ll cheers with our cacao mylk lattes to that. Check out their IG, where they feature new menu additions, and their website for exact locations of this delicious mood-booster!