Fresh & Co. is Serving up a Plant-Based Take on Vietnamese Pho

Fresh & Co. is Serving up a Plant-Based Take on Vietnamese Pho

When the winter blues take hold and your new year’s resolutions are on shaky ground, that means it’s time to level-up your plant-based dining experience. Lucky for us, New York franchised favorite fresh&co. just dropped its new winter menu featuring the most innovative locally-sourced vegan eats, including a fresh take on Vietnamese pho that’s perfect for chilly weather. Prepare yourself for even more chef-inspired items that won’t break the bank.

Vegan Pho? Nothing’s IMPOSSIBLE

From the aforementioned steamy soup to wholesome salads, the 2018 winter season menu is sure to impress even your carnivorous crew. Let’s just get to the star of the show: grab yourself the IMPOSSIBLE Pho Bowl, a medley of zucchini noodles, or “zoodles”, organic spices, and vegan, nut-, and dairy-free Impossible Foods meatballs. And if eating sustainably is on your meatless mind, you’ll be doing your body and environment a favor. All Impossible meat alternatives have zero animal products, cholesterol, and artificial flavors — meaning your zesty pho dish is absolutely guilt-free.

Pho too hot to handle? Then we’d recommend the Winter Quinoa Salad. And if meat’s more your style, order the Pork Banh Mi. Even if you miss the seasonal menu, there’s always the option to make your own market plate! We suggest the Chicken Shawarma, made with more than 15 seasonings and served with a side of cruciferous kale. Whatever you decide, make sure you wash down your locally-sourced meal with a cold-pressed juice.

Farm-to-Desk Eats

Take a stroll to any of fresh&co.’s 18 New York City locations, open weekdays from 7am to 8pm (and on weekends starting at 8am) to experience the latest innovation of plant-based “meat”, always-organic ingredients, and delicious diet-friendly grub. We can already envision the double-takes from your coworkers when they see the steam rising from your bowl of IMPOSSIBLE Pho.