Introducing HealHaus, NYC’s First Dedicated Holistic Health And Healing Space

Introducing HealHaus, NYC’s First Dedicated Holistic Health And Healing Space

When you think about self care and healing from a long day in the city of chaos, you probably envision taking a luxurious bubble bath, lathering your skin in expensive serums, or paying an arm and a leg for a massage. They’re chores you don’t need or have time for. Well, a new space and cafe is about to change all of that.

  • Healing is a lifestyle

    image via HealHaus | Facebook

    HealHaus (pronounced “heal house”) is NYC’s first dedicated “wellness and healing space”, opening May 21 with the aim to make wellness more accessible. With 1100 sq. ft. of holistic health and healing space, a cafe, both indoor and outdoor group practice spots, and an additional 700 sq. ft. downstairs—which includes an amazing backyard deck—this space is a Brooklynites dream.

    Whether you’re an woo-woo warrior looking to try new forms of healing, in need of recovering before slaying the day at a big board meeting, or just want an afternoon elixir pick-me-up, HealHaus has what you need to reset. “We want people to feel transported outside of the hustle and bustle of New York when they visit HealHaus,” says co-founder Elisa Shankle.

    Picture this: You’re sipping a smoothie on the amazing backyard deck. Or you’re taking a group yoga or meditation class led by a wellness leader you likely already follow on IG. Or maybe you’re trying out a new healing modality like acupuncture or reiki. It’s all a reality. This oasis exists to make wellness easy to achieve.

  • Better than a dinner party

    image via HealHaus | Facebook

    There’s also a social aspect. “Our flagship location is meant to be an inviting space for everyone and a place of community,” says co-founder Darian Hall. You can come in and have green tea or coffee and sit back and catch up with a friend while basking in a post-reiki glow. Heck, make an evening of it — you and your wellness squad can attend a night-time panel discussion about mental health or nutrition. It’s a place to focus on personal recover and calm, but you can have fun and make connections while you’re doing it.

    Fitt Tip: while you’re there, document your experience. The space is filled with calming colors, plants, and a whole lot of good vibes. Yep, it’s Instagram gold.

  • Come on home

    image via HealHaus | Facebook

    HealHaus will be open seven days a week from 7:30am–7:30pm (except on nights when there are workshops, in which case they’ll stay open later). And whether you visit over your lunch break or go as a healthy happy hour alternative, heading in for a centering class usually costs $18 to $20. Though, pricing for private healing services will depend on the service rendered by each practitioner. If you go often enough, you may want to snag a month or annual membership.

    And remember what we said about being accessible? There will also be donation-based community classes on the weekend — which, if you know NYC, is as close as you’re going to get to free (and incredibly rare).

    So go on, treat yourself.