NOVA Fitness is Bringing Their One-on-One Personal EMS Coaching to Midtown

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NOVA Fitness is Bringing Their One-on-One Personal EMS Coaching to Midtown

Let’s face it — athletes and wellness warriors will try some seriously wacky and weird trends in the name of improved performance, enhanced muscle recovery, and #gains. Elevation training masks, acupuncture, and cryotherapy come to mind.

Now, body zapping is gaining traction as the next it method for better, faster, stronger results. And if you live in New York, you’re in luck because the fitness brand that has already made a name for themselves by using Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to boost your fitness has recently opened its first studio (with a second on the way). Yes, we’re talking about NOVA Fitness.

Forward Thinking Fitness Concept

NOVA Fitness is yet another NYC studio that’s coupling electro-shock technology with exercise to fast track your results. But unlike NYC’s Shock Therapy, which offers group EMS fitness workouts, NOVA is all about one-on-one personal training.

The reason? At NOVA, they feel that by pairing you with one of their top-tier trainers, you’ll not only get the tools you need to crush your performance goals but you’ll also be able to rest easy knowing the techniques you’re using are safe. There is electricity involved after all.

Location, Location, Location

NOVA Fitness opened their first training facility in Midtown at 551 Madison Ave. As they say it’s not a gym, it’s “just a smarter way of working out”, and you’ll see why.

At 3,500 square feet, this is a big space for NYC, which means even more room for the customized, efficient, intense workouts NOVA promises. But perhaps the most exciting part about this studio is its location. After getting your fast-tracked fitness on at NOVA, you can hit up Chopt, Roast Kitchen, Sweetgreen, or Gregory’s Coffee, which are all less than a block away. How’s that for a win-win?

Get shocked

If that wasn’t cool enough, they’re planning their next-level flagship location at 249 Church St. At 5,500 square feet, this larger studio will allow for their most shocking workouts yet. You can expect its completion in early 2019.

Want to experience the buzz ahead of their NYC takeover? Check ‘em out and prepare to get shocked.