Get to Know Precycle, NYC’s First Package-Free, Health-Conscious Grocery Store

Get to Know Precycle, NYC’s First Package-Free, Health-Conscious Grocery Store

If you live in the Big Apple, then you’ve already bid farewell to foam containers at your local takeout spot and pretty soon, you’ll be peacing out on plastic straws at your corner cafe. And now, New York City is going one step further, introducing its first “package-free” grocery store, Precycle, which recently debuted in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Good Taste, No Waste

Precycle’s eco-friendly store owner, Katerina Bogatireva, understands the importance of putting “package-free” into practice in the grocery scene.

Raised in Latvia, she would often witness empty shelves in her town’s stores, making it clear even at an early age why cutting down on or eliminating food waste is so critical. The inspiration for her innovative grocery store also traces back to this time in her childhood, when Katerina would bring her own containers to the marketplace to fill them with condiments (plastic items were a rarity). Fast forward to present day, when this mindful store owner opened Precycle with one idea in mind: to get rid of unnecessary waste before it’s even created.

Package-Free Progress

Picture your local supermarket chock full of distracting imagery and branding meant to influence your purchase. Well, not at Precycle.

Here, disposable products are nowhere to be found, and customers are asked to instead provide their own clean and reusable container for grocery items. Fitt Tip: there’s a bonus for buying in bulk.

But this sustainable spot’s commitment to the environment doesn’t stop with packaging. All produce is sourced from local farmers and distributors, so you know exactly where your food is coming from. Need to re-up on spaghetti or your favorite spice? The Bushwick businesswoman wants you to take only what you need, since that’s all you’ll be charged at this “weigh then pay” shop. And if you need self-care and household essentials, Precycle’s got you covered with chemical-free beauty and cleaning products, too.

If the whole thing sounds more stressful than your average bodega run, we get it. But the hope is the extra time and thought that weekly grocery run will require means customers will start to become more aware of what and how much they buy. It’s all part of a broader effort to help out the environment by conserving resources. So, really — what’s an extra 15 minutes?

Thanks for Precycling!

While it may take some time to convert your big-name food shop friends, there’s no doubt that Precycle is a move in the right direction. Open seven days a week, the health-conscious store is open from 10am – 8pm, so stop by and take the first steps toward package-free perfection.