Find Your Zen at Radical Meditation’s One-of-a-Kind Pop-Up Studio in SoHo

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Find Your Zen at Radical Meditation’s One-of-a-Kind Pop-Up Studio in SoHo

Thanks to studios, apps, and audio guides, meditation is now as accessible as, say… a matcha latte. And now, you can add Radical Meditation to the ever-growing list of hip NYC places bringing meditation to the masses.

No Perfect People

Currently operating as a pop-up in SoHo out of The Loft Of Your Dreams (that’s straight out of an ABC Carpet & Home showroom), Radical Meditation’s signature class isn’t your typical meditation session (aka, this isn’t the type of place where you just plop your cushion down and chill). High-end oriental rugs, 20-person tents, chaga tea, and a neon sign boasting “no perfect people” are what you can expect from this new age meditation initiative.

It’s all part of the Radical Meditation journey that goes something like this: first, you and a group of fellow class-goers will walk into a draped sheet “fort” that your childhood self would love. Then, founder and CEO Branko Cerny will guide you through a 45-minute meditation. But you won’t be sitting there in silence. At Radical Mediation, you’re expected to be a very active participant.

During the guided-breath class, you’ll go through moves that’ll have you raising your arms overhead while forcefully exhaling through your nose or gripping an imaginary axe and tossing your hands back and forth over your head to represent hacking into your self doubt. All the while, Branko will be there encouraging you to let go of whatever you’re holding onto. Oh, and don’t be alarmed if post meditation, someone tries to hug you.

Radical? You bet. Sure, they call it meditation, but it’s truly unlike any other session you’ve ever experienced.

Chaga & Chill

Radical Meditation is all about disconnecting from the outside world and connecting with the fully authentic, unapologetic version of yourself. But while the class that’s designed to reset you back to you will do just that, the gig is also bookended with schmoozing with other soul-seekers.

Here, ex-hippies, Wall Street CEOs, romper-wearing men, wanna-be flower girls, and teachers can let down their guard, sip alcohol-free spritzers, and enjoy a spiritual connection with like-minded individuals.

Right now, classes are only available Tuesdays and Fridays at 7pm, and there are only 20 cushions, so make sure you sign up ahead of time.

But before you step inside, check your shoes and ego at the door.