New York City’s Go-to Recovery Studios & Spas

New York City’s Go-to Recovery Studios & Spas

NYCers will try almost anything in the name of speedier recovery. We’ll drink collagen-packed bone broth, hit up -300° temps for a blast of nitrogen (cryotherapy, you’re quite the cool kid), get our zen on tiny tushy cushions, and sweat out the soreness in infrared heat. Can you blame us? With some of the best sweat spots in the world, getting back to the Tone House turf, our Y7 hip-hop yoga mats, and CITYROW rowers is priority number one.

Want in on the ramped up recovery? Whether you’re thinking of turning up the heat or turning down the temp, parking it on a cushion or trying some alternative practices, these 15 spots around the city will give you what you need to get back at it.


    best meditation studios in NYC
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    Recovery means recharging mentally, too. And MNDFL is New York’s hot spot for trying meditation if you have no idea where to start. With studios in Williamsburg, Greenwich Village, and the UES, MNDFL keeps the spirituality and time commitment, making it perfect for beginners. There are a few different classes to choose from, but if recovery is your goal, start with the breath class. Then, if you like it, go ahead and give the sound, mantra, or heart class a try. The best part? First time classes are only $10, which is as close to free as you’re going to get in NYC.

  • Inscape

    best meditation studios in nyc
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    If you’re on Instagram, you’ve surely seen pictures of wellness gurus getting zen in this studio. The design of the space might be described as “outer space chic” — you’ll walk in unsure as to if you’re walking into the most relaxing space in NYC or a modern art gallery. Inside are couches and beanbag chairs, as well as two dome-shaped meditation rooms (called “The Dome”) where purple, pink, and orange lighting is cast onto the walls to create a dream-like vibe. If you’re looking for a place to get grounded, this Gramercy spot is it: there are nap nooks, meditation classes, and relaxation sessions.

  • Upper West Side Yoga & Wellness

    best meditation classes around NYC
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    Beyond the extensive list of yoga classes UWS Yoga offers meditation classes and sessions in an in-house infrared sauna. This studio has the family feel of a studio owned and operated by a husband-and-wife duo, so you’ll be stepping into a very welcoming (and warm) space. Fitt Tip: You have to pre-book, so try and snag an appointment right before or after a yoga or meditation session for an extra-effective detox boost.

  • SanaVita

    best spas in NYC
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    This holistic health East Village spot is all about cleansing your mind and restoring your body. While they’re best known for colonics, they also offer lymphatic drainage therapy, acupuncture, reiki, LED therapy, deep tissue massage, and cupping. They even have an on-staff astrologer. The sessions run a bit pricey, but you’ll probably spot a celeb while you’re there (Gwyneth Paltrow is a regular).

  • Higher Dose

    best spa in nyc
    image via @higherdosecom | Instagram

    With the tagline “get high naturally”, Higher Dose is all about detoxifying and rejuvenating your body (and your energy) from the inside. With four locations popping up over Manhattan in the last year, you can bet this part infrared sauna, part body wrap, and part chromotherapy studio is the recovery hot spot NYC-ers were looking for. Whether you want to sweat out the toxins, calm your nervous system, reduce joint inflammation, or adjust your body vibrations, Higher Dose is the high-tech recovery studio and spa celebs (Selena, we’re looking at you) are adding to their wellness practice.

  • Shape House

    shape house nyc
    image via @shapehouse | Instagram

    Rather than loudly complaining about your Tinder date’s shady behavior or co-worker’s half-assed job on the last project, bring it on in to Shape House in the Flatiron District. This urban sweat lodge made waves in Los Angeles, and has quickly earned a cult following in NYC. Here, you’re meant to vent in the safe confines of your own sauna cocoon. With beds that heat up to a whopping 165° and warm you from the inside out, you literally get to sweat your sorrows and sores away. A single session costs $70, but given its stress-busting properties, it’s safe to say Shape House is cheaper than therapy.

  • Floating Lotus

    best spa in NYC
    image via @floatinglotusnyc | Instagram

    Get ready to take your self-care Sundays to a whole new level at this blissed-out relaxation center. Take a dip in a float therapy pod, release tension with a Chinese fire cupping session, or sweat it out in a salt cave. Every one of their treatments is designed to enhance your appearance, relax your muscles, and release the natural healing energy of your body. If you’re all about a little woo-woo wellness, this Midtown sanctuary is worth checking out. While you’re there, make sure to check out the skylit, rooftop yoga studio. It’s one of the most peaceful in the city.

  • Brrrn

    best workouts in NYC
    image via @cedricterrell | Instagram

    Opening in April of 2018, Brrrn is not only bringing the world’s the first 45°, 55°, and 60° HIIT and yoga classes… it’s also bringing NYC its first group infrared sauna experience. While Brrrn may be the coolest (and coldest) concept in fitness, their luxury infrared sauna (about the size of a small Manhattan studio) will heat you up after class. That means with their class packages, you don’t have to go a day without sweating in the winter, or a week without a chill in the summer.

  • Quick Cryo

    image via @quickcryo | Instagram

    Cryotherapy is the buzzy treatment fitness influencers, athletes, and coaches can’t seem to get enough of. Think about climbing into a spaceship straight out of Zenon: Girl of The 21st Century… then imagine that spaceship is actually a beer freezer. Well, it’s not. It’s a cryotherapy tank. Quick Cryo is Tribeca’s luxurious cryotherapy studio. Whether you’re looking to whole-body cryo for recovery, try compression therapy to reduce inflammation, or plug into oxygen therapy to feel alive, this spot has got you covered.

  • Modrn Sanctuary

    relaxation in NYC
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    If you like your recovery with a side of luxe, add this high-end Chelsea studio to your recovery bucket list. Modrn Sanctuary offers yoga, acupuncture, cupping, and herbal healing. You can also try out reiki, acupuncture, Ayurveda, physical therapy, or just some good old-fashioned meditation with the pros. And sorry, cryo and infrared sauna, there’s a new cool kid in town if this studio has anything to say about it: salt therapy (called halotherapy). Here’s how it works: you sit in a room with lots of Himalayan salt for 30 minutes and leave feeling rejuvenated. Doesn’t kicking of your shoes and laying in millennial pink sand sound fun?  

  • Kyro X

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    And if you live on the west side, Kyro X should be your cryo studio of choice.  This studio is as zen as MNDFL, as clean as Sky Ting, and as high-tech as you’d expect from a cryo-only studio. And you can bet this spot offers you complimentary robes, socks, and gloves and slippers for your three-minute freezer session. FYI: After the treatment, you’re encouraged to ride this Upper West Side studio’s stationary bike because stimulating blood flow may enhance the treatment. So don’t try to squeeze your session between meetings or workouts — you might get a little sweaty.


    best recovery spots in NYC
    image via @recovernyc | Instagram

    ReCOVER is New York City’s first dedicated recovery studio. Their mission? To“ReSTORE, ReBOOT, and ReSHAPE” visitors through science-backed methods and technology that can improve both physical and mental well-being. That means (of course) that they offer  infrared saunas. But some of the technology offered in the studio is a first-of-its-kind in the Big Apple, like CVAC (a giant pod that helps boost athletic performance) and NuCalm (basically, fancy sleep goggles). These treatments cost $1 to $2 a minute, but if you get hooked (and have the cash) memberships to this Chelsea joint range from $300 to $1000 per month.

  • Chill Space

    best ways to unwind in NYC
    image via @chillspacenyc | Instagram

    Can’t decide between infrared heat and chromotherapy (light healing therapy)? This Midtown recovery studio won’t make you choose… because you can experience the heat and the colorful light all in one room. (By the way, here are the reported benefits: joint and pain relief, detoxification, improves circulation and blood flow, increases flexibility, relaxes muscles, clears lactic acid, and improves wound healing.) They also offer floatation, cryosauna, local cryo, and cryo facials, and IV drip therapy. Sign us up.

  • Vitality NYC

    cryotherapy in nyc
    image via Vitality NYC | Facebook

    Known as the ultimate rejuvenation center, this Koreatown spa offers colonics, infrared sauna, and cryotherapy. While we can’t promise colonics will help you recovery, cryotherapy and infrared saunas may.  If you only have two–three minutes, try cryo (trust us — that’s enough to really feel the sub-zero temps). But if you have a little more time, try infrared sauna (it’s the cheaper option).

  • Tone House

    tone house nyc
    image via @tonehouse | Instagram

    You probably know by now that Tone House takes the cake for the hardest class in NYC. But did you know they also over recovery classes and session? When you train like an athlete, you better recover like an athlete. They over NormaTec pulse system recovery (basically leg compression sleeves), ice baths, and even 60-minute recovery workouts. Sign up for the Tone House newsletter to be up to date on when the recovery workshops are taking place (dates and times vary), but you can also sign up for a recovery session online.