[solidcore] is Bringing Their Unique, Full-Body Workouts to Manhattan

[solidcore] is Bringing Their Unique, Full-Body Workouts to Manhattan

New York City becoming a hotbed for fitness has changed how we work out. BRRRN introduced us to cold temperature sweat sessions, box + flow combines boxing and yoga for the ultimate hybrid class, and Mile High Run Club is kicking your treadmill training up a notch.

But we guarantee you, there’s only one brand with a [sweatlana].

We’re talking about [solidcore]. Their unique methodology and crazy-challenging classes have been helping fitness enthusiasts from the DC area to North Dakota work up a sweat for years, and now, they’re opening their first Manhattan studio this fall.

All the results, none of the impact

[solidcore] is all about maximizing your workout, whether you’re a newbie to fitness or a triathlete and 11-time marathoner like [solidcore] founder Anne Mahlum.

Their 50-minute, intimately-sized classes (they’ll have 15 spots) focus on slow movements done on a spring-based machine, which translates to an intense, whole-body workout without any of the joint impact you’d get from running. Plus, [solidcore]’s structure taps into slow-twitch muscle fibers (i.e., the same fibers exercised through endurance workouts), translating into noticeable results.

“I was trying everything that there is from running to biking to bootcamp and never saw my body look the way I thought it should look for how hard I was working,” Anne told us. “[solidcore] delivers results everyone is looking for.”

Meet [sweatlana]

[solidcore]’s beloved (and feared?) machine—aka [sweatlana]—is one of a kind, designed exclusively for [solidcore] classes. [solidcore] realized that the typical Reformer couldn’t hang with their unique, specialized workout — no one else was moving exactly how they moved. Drastic times called for drastic measures and their custom-built, patented machine now allows them rock (in slow and controlled motions) to their own beat.

Planks, squats, and lunges on this work of sorcery are something you just need to experience for yourself. And it won’t be long until you’ll get the chance.

So, when can I start?

[solidcore] plans to launch their 155 West 23rd St. Manhattan studio by October, with considerable hype leading up to the grand opening. To stay informed on pricing and the official opening date, head to solidcore.co and sign up for the New York City mailing list.

And, of course, we’ll keep you in the know; this is a workout you won’t want to miss.