Peapod is Teaming up with Chloe Coscarelli to Bring Plant-Based Meal Kits to Your Door

Peapod is Teaming up with Chloe Coscarelli to Bring Plant-Based Meal Kits to Your Door

To say that meal-kit delivery services changed the game would be an understatement. From cities to suburbs, doorsteps lined with branded boxes now symbolize at-home Top Chefs in the making. However, for those with dietary restrictions, the world of meal kit madness hasn’t always offered the same flavor-packed variety.

Luckily, plant-powered people can rejoice because online grocery-delivery powerhouse Peapod is partnering with vegan all-star Chloe Coscarelli to bring tasty meatless-eats to your front door!

No meat, no problem

Chef Chloe Coscarelli is no stranger to the plant-based life, having gone vegan in 2004. Before the days of grab-and-go tofu dishes and Beyond Burgers, she was whipping up recipes to make her a meatless-lifestyle accessible for anyone. Her cookbooks offer up recipes like Spicy Chipotle-Mango Tacos and Vegan Butternut Mac and ‘Cheese’ with Smoky Shiitake ‘Bacon’ guaranteed to make even the most committed carnivore drool.

But if you’ve yet to master the art of vegan meal prep, you might need a little help. And thanks to Peapod, you can get all the perfectly-portioned ingredients for Chef Chloe’s General Tso’s Tofu (from her new cookbook, Chloe Flavor) added to your grocery cart with the touch of a button.

Just the beginning

Though Peapod isn’t the first to offer vegan/vegetarian options for meal kit delivery, their collaboration with Chef Chloe is bringing meatless mainstream. By placing the meal kit (and three other easily-shoppable recipes from her new cookbook) alongside other groceries, Peapod is making a conscious effort to encourage shoppers to consider plant-based meals as part of the new normal.

It doesn’t hurt that Chef Chloe’s bubbly personality and whimsical approach to sweets and savories alike has turned her into a veritable celebrity chef within the vegan community and beyond (she won Cupcake Wars in 2010).

Recent polls suggest that the majority of Americans are trying to reduce the amount of meat in their diets. Peapod and Chef Chloe are making this as easy as ordering Seamless or Postmates (and a heck of a lot healthier).

For families who aren’t ready to shift to an entirely plant-based diet, this option is a perfect way to introduce Meatless Mondays to the family. And, if Chef Chloe’s Instagram feed is any indication, these meals are going to look almost better than they taste!