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JUL 14, 2020



Sure, the Rocky movies have been inspiring training montages since the 1970s, but Philly’s been a boxing town long before that. With a recent influx of trendy boxing-style boutique workouts in the global fitness scene, Philly has really just begun to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Here are some of the top spots to test out that killer instinct in and out of the ring.

A few steps into the EverybodyFights studio and you’ll realize that here, training extends way outside the ring. Strap on your gloves and choose from the "Bags" class, 50 minutes with a heavy bag or "Mitts" a 30 minute intimate drill-based class. Try their "Road" classes on the treadmill to their "Recover" classes in a gorgeous and tranquil yoga studio, this spot has it all. Members love EBF for the variety, the steam room, and, of course, the intense trainers that push you past your limits and never let you slack off. Their LIVE classes also feature live DJs, which keeps the workout especially hype!

No glitz and glamour here, just a studio entirely dedicated to mixed martial arts (MMA) training and total-body fitness. Fight Firm is the ideal space for those at any level, from competitors to those just looking for a fun way to get into shape. Classes include those focused on competition boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai to fitness-focused cardio kickboxing and traditional boxing, so however you choose to train, there are instructors ready to coach you through it all. Still unsure? They offer a free week to all newcomers to try it out!

From boxing and kickboxing classes to MMA training, TITLE Boxing Club brings the heat in their studio in the heart of Philadelphia. There's a lot of focus on bag work at TITLE, and for our plant-based readers, you might be stoked to see the Center City gym’s row of vegan bags (made with synthetic leather). If their commitment to their clientele wasn’t already clear, the knowledgeable instructors are always ready with tips on form, assuring you'll be safe as you sweat any HIIT-based class! Try kickboxing, MMA, or a classic boxing class.

With streetside floor-to-ceiling windows in the heart of Walnut St., there’s no way to miss Rumble, the enormous white and red studio complete with life-size “Rocky” statue in the front (perfect for sweaty, post-class selfies). Rumble is known for a high-intensity workout broken up into rounds, mixing up bag work with conditioning, all over a high-energy soundtrack that'll keep your blood pumping. The space is beautiful and always clean, and the showers and locker rooms offer plenty of space to clean up your act after class.

CKO Kickboxing’s got two locations in Philly proper, including Center City and South Philly in addition to nearby Cherry Hill, NJ and King of Prussia spotsl—and all of them deliver when it comes to heavy bag-focused, boxing-inspired cardio workouts. They use interval training and conditioning to guarantee you’ll leave sore to the core. Their online registration system guarantees that classes are never too crowded, and they require gloves (which you can bring or purchase) for all classes to assure that boxers are safe while they sweat.

Joltin' Jabs is one of the OGs in the Philly fitness community, and the trainers have over 35 years of boxing experience. Joltin' Jabs is a full boxing fitness gym in Manayunk and was founded by a professional boxer (Joey DeMalavez, if you’re curious). That means you're going to train like a pro, learn proper technique and self-defense skills, and work your way through different stages as you get stronger and more skilled in his signature 50-minute class. Fitt Tip: not for the faint-hearted or easily offended, JJ claims 240 jumping jacks per round and 150 dropped F-bombs per week.

Northern Liberties' Stay Fly Muay Thai is definitely the go-to spot for Muay Thai in Philadelphia. It's run by an experienced fighter, Justin Greskiewicz, who has trained countless fighters for competition and for fitness. This isn't your fancy boutique studio — it's a more classic boxing training gym offering strength, technique, and conditioning classes to compliment the core offerings. They also offer an affordable monthly rate or packages for drop-in classes, in case you're ready to take your fight to the next level.

With two locations out in the burbs, this studio gives you the best of both worlds, offering top-of-the-line instructors with a focus on teaching technique and energetic, in addition to classes for when you're looking to break a great sweat in a fun environment. Despite the name, this gym is way more than just a place to 'fight'. It has classes and opportunities for every level of athlete. Whether you're working on the TRX straps or blasting your core in an MMA-inspired class, you'll walk out feeling like a champ.

This South Jersey studio in Cherry Hill offers loads of classes in boxing, kickboxing, cross-training, and MMA for every level of fighter. Heck, they've even got classes for kids, in case you find yourself playing babysitter. TKO has a fully-equipped gym complete with rings for traditional boxing and Muay Thai. They also offer open gym time for all members who might be looking for some cardio or weights options outside of the classes! Their cross-training classes use high-intensity interval training to pack in the peak heart rates and mix up your fitness with kettlebells, slam balls, and sprints.

If you're out in the burbs and looking for a veritable smorgasbord of fitness, look no further than stRIDE Spin & Fitness studio. Unsurprisingly, they've got plenty of Spin classes. But we're here to rave about their 45-minute cardio boxing workouts. They provide gloves free of charge to everyone, and the whole class is conducted in a darkened room with a club-like sound system to rhythmic-based beats. Looking for even more variety? Try one of their Spin/Box classes — 30 minutes of each workout will get that work in head to toe.


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