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UPDATED JUL 14, 2020

As much as we love Wawa's warm cup of joe, sometimes we're looking for some artisanal and specialty coffee. So the next time you need a java pick-me-up, head over to one of these amazing shops and you’ll be buzzing like a bee in no time!




This place might seem small but it is one of the most beautiful coffee shops we’ve ever seen thanks to exposed brick, natural wood, and bright light. Head over to Old City to try their hand-poured blends, the always trendy Turmeric Cortado, or for our fellow iced coffee fanatics, a delicious cold brew.

The one tough thing about artisanal coffee shops is that the prices can start to burn a hole in your wallet. Thankfully, Old City Coffee on Church St. (with another location in Reading Terminal Market) serves fantastic brews at an even better price, made with beans roasted on-site. While the interiors here are inviting, there’s a wide-open green space right next door that’s perfect for dog- and people-watching.

We can’t make a list of coffee shops without including La Colombe. Head over to their flagship Fishtown location for inspiring wall art, a famous draft latte, and a delicious scone. Plus, if you’re looking for something a bit stronger, they’ve got a full bar serving up coffee-inspired cocktails!

These coffee roasters used to be Fishtown’s best-kept secret. But their cover has been blown — and lucky us. ReAnimator pours some of the best lattes in the area, and they’ve expanded to three locations in the city. That said, their friendly vibe is consistent, and the quality of their brew is unparalleled, no matter which neighborhood you’re visiting.

You’ll think you stumbled into a dream world when you walk into Peddler Coffee. And thanks to their location, they’re ideal for that pre-Trader Joe’s caffeine pit stop. Go for the almond milk latte or a cold brew, and you’ll be an instant fan.

This is the perfect place to get work done (or pretend to get work done). Right in the heart of the city, this shop has plenty of seating and outlets for every phone, tablet, and laptop you’re carrying. And for all the syrup fans out there, you can flavor your coffee with chocolate pistachio, maple walnut, and blueberry coconut. Did we mention they also have vegan donuts? If they ever set up cots in the back, we might just move in for good.

If you find yourself in Northern Liberties, this is where you need to go. Between their delicious vegan brunch items, gluten-free bagels, adorable weekly drink specials board (if you’ve been, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about), and upstairs library, there’s a lot to love about this coffee shop. Plus, they offer oat, almond, and soy milk alternatives, and their pastries are, in our opinion, the perfect refuel option after those long weekend runs.

This place is so gorgeous, we could scream. But we won’t because then they’ll kick us out. Here’s what you gotta know about this Queen Village must-see: there’s a secret garden in the back (you didn’t hear it from us), cozy decor, and a record player spinning all your favorite jams. Two words: go there.

Everyone knows Brewerytown is for latte-lovers. Or at least, you know now. This adorable coffee house will wow you with its patio, mural art, pour-over coffee, and so much more. The best part? They’re a non-profit helping to give job opportunities to foster youth. Sign us up as loyal customers!

This specialty coffee roaster is originally from Lancaster, but lucky for us, they now also have a space both in Center City and in JFK. The atmosphere makes it easy to cozy up with a good book and a delicious cappuccino. And, if you start to get hungry, you can build your own bagel sandwich. Give us all the avocado, please!

We’ve often wondered when coffee shops and bars would merge into one amazing storefront. Thanks to Ultimo, the dream is alive in South Philly. With 10 beers on draft and a cappuccino that could wake even Sleeping Beauty, this place in Rittenhouse, Grad Hospital, Germantown, and Newbold is a one-stop shop for everyone. And considering the large interior, you won’t have to fight over their comfortable seating options!

This small batch coffee roaster in Fitler Square has everything you need to start your mornings on the right food. Order a ricotta cheese toast and a nitro cold brew, or just go straight for the Fishtown imported Weckerly’s ice cream sandwich (no judgment here).

This Fishtown shop has it all: giant cups for those sleepy days, delicious food specials, and, oh yeah, a record store! Where else can you buy a limited release Iron Maiden LP and sip on an amazing iced mocha. Fitt Tip: order the Notorious E.G.G. sandwich — it’s seriously life-changing.

Remember the last time you crammed for your biology exam in a coffee shop? The baristas kicked you out at 8pm because it was closing time, and your exam didn’t go so well. Thanks to this coffee bar on Spring Garden St., you can study until midnight during the week and 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. Or, you know (for those that didn’t procrastinate), just drink good coffee. Keep in mind, they also serve other beverages (the ones with alcohol), so the vibe inside might change as the evening continues.

Part-coffee shop, part-plant paradise, Vault + Vine in East Falls might just be heaven. If you’ve ever dreamt of sipping a pour over in a literal greenhouse, then this is our new favorite place. Plus, their iced mocha makes the best accessory for when you’re walking around the shop part of this establishment. Just don’t blame us when you get home with a Kouign Amman (a French pastry) and three new plants you decided to impulse-buy. You’ve been warned.

Remember those kids at the science fair who used to show up your solar system diorama with solar-powered speakers made out of recycled cans? Well, imagine those kids grew up, and decided to get into coffee. Function Coffee Labs in Bella Vista is what happens when coffee meets science (think Japanese flash-cooled iced coffee or pour overs served in Erlenmeyer flasks). They can even give you detailed tasting notes on request, and if you see the Butternut Squash Latte don’t think, just get one. It’ll be worth it.

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