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Jordan Price


Revel Ride


Just about every Thursday after Memorial Day, Philadelphians everywhere tend to ask the same question: Are you going down the shore this weekend? And, if you’re like us and the answer is an emphatic YES. You may have already bought your beach tags, packed your sunscreen, and ordered way too many bathing suits online.

The only tough part about ditching the city every weekend (other than the traffic) is leaving our beloved fitness studios behind. Luckily, one Philly favorite has found a solution. Revel Ride is opening up a pop-up cycling studio in Avalon, and it’s going to be worth trading your sandals for sneakers!


Philadelphia fell for Revel Ride hard when they opened in early 2018 with loyalists filling their themed cycling classes, competing in their monthly challenges, and proudly rocking their Revel gear around town. One of the perks of being a homegrown studio is really knowing the city. And, since a lot of the instructors were also jonesing to get their weekly shore fix in, it only made sense to open a studio by the sand and sun!

On May 25, the unofficial first weekend of summer, Revel Ride is opening the doors to their Avalon pop-up studio and will stay open all summer long. Thirty bikes will fill the space, and you can expect the same high-energy classes you get on South St., albeit with a beachy spin on the names of the class packs (like “The Weekender” or “The Shoobie”). Class times are scheduled to allow guests to get a sweat session in before the beach OR right before happy hour (it’s like they thought of everything!)


Still skeptical about the whole working out on vacation thing? New Jersey shore fitness is more popular than you think, and actually in high demand. We recommend watching your favorite studios, as more Philly brands and trainers follow their clientele in pop-up form. For instance, Carly Rubenstein of CarlyFit and Rumble Boxing is back for her 11th year, hosting her weekly beach bootcamps in Margate every Saturday.

And though the plan, for now, is to keep Revel Ride’s Avalon studio as a seasonal pop-up, the owner has hinted at keeping it open longer if there’s interest. If lululemon’s once-seasonal, now-permanent Avalon location is any indication, the locals in Avalon are down with the fitness vibes all year round. Sign-ups for the shoreside ride are already live for the first weekend, and we have a feeling they’ll fill up quickly. Follow Revel Ride on Instagram for all the scoop, and we’ll see you at the shore!