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FEB 26, 2020



Remember the days when the sound of the ice cream truck conjured up feelings of pure joy?

Now that you’ve gone vegan, that familiar melody can feel more like a three-note taunt than comforting nostalgia. Since Mister Softee’s menu offerings haven’t quite reached the point of plant-based soft-serve, we’ve researched the best vegan ice cream shops in the city of Philly.

Mosey into Little Baby’s Ice Cream shop for a delicious vegan treat. This Fishtown staple is constantly rotating their flavor options, but in the past they've offered everything from chocolate cookie dough to kale smoothie. Soon, you'll be able to add CBD to your ice cream as well!

When Sweet Charlie’s stumbled onto the ice cream scene in 2015 with their beautiful Thai rolled ice cream, we shed a tear lamenting the fact that we would never be able to try the hottest ice cream trend. But now, the shop finally offers a vegan base option! Mix yours with blueberries, almonds, and strawberries, and you’ve got one delicious, Instagram-worthy vegan treat.

Philly's history is present everywhere, even in the ice cream shops. This vintage style creamery has been ranked one of the best in America. While they serve dairy ice cream, they have vegan options as well. You can even get dairy-free chocolate syrup and whipped coconut cream.

You may know by now that HipCityVeg in Rittenhouse is a plant based paradise. But you may not know that this eatery also offers a variety of frozen vegan treats. For a healthy take on a frozen dessert, order up the banana whip. Or hey, just go straight for the milkshake—there’s no judgment here.

When we’re craving a veggie cheesesteak wrap or a protein packed smoothie, we make the trek to Soy Café in Northern Liberties. But on those sunny Philly days, we can’t help but order their delicious vegan ice cream as well. Even your dairy-loving friends will want to try this spot. Fitt Tip: Order the vegan espresso milkshake for a soy-based treat on the go.

This South Philly favorite offers a new spin on the classic burger and shake combination. For our plant-based friends out there, order the vegan strawberry vanilla shake. If you're craving something new, try the salted avocado flavor (we’re not avo-kidding you; this is actually a flavor, and it's delicious).

Rittenhouse’s V Street brings vegan street food to the masses on a regular basis. It’s one of our favorite spots for happy hour, but it's also great for an afternoon pick me up of vegan soft serve. While purple sweet potato may not sound like the most appetizing ice cream flavor, it will definitely leave you coming back for more.

This Kosher and 100% vegan lunch spot offers more than just falafels. Try one of their creamy tehina shakes that come in flavors like Turkish coffee, mint chocolate, and banana. One of these cold treats will satisfy the sweet tooth of vegans and omnivores alike. Fitt Tip: If they have some of their off menu baklava available, crumble it over your shake. Thank us later.

From drinks to dessert, the entire menu of this cafe and bar is vegan. Charlie was a sinner. boasts a wide selection of plant-based sorbets on their dessert menu. However, we have to admit that our favorite ice cold option is the espresso milkshake. Black seal rum, espresso liquor, espresso, and vanilla bean ice cream? Yes, please.

If you prefer your vegan treat on a stick, not by the scoop, you’re in luck. Lil’ Pop Shop is Rittenhouse and West Philly’s best spot to snag a cold treat when you’re feeling the heat. With a regular lineup of non-dairy popsicles ranging from avocado coconut to chai latte, there’s no better way to cool off than with a lil’ pop!

Want to know the ultimate life hack? Get vegan soft-serve delivered right to your door. This dream is a reality thanks to Scoop DeVille, Center City’s mecca of mouth-watering frozen treats. Since they started offering Tofutti soft-serve and dairy-free sorbet, they’ve garnered a whole new batch of vegan fans. With gluten-free toppings and a number of mix-ins, you can customize your creation and have it dropped off at your door.


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