6 Philly Cycling Studios to Try For Your Next Workout

6 Philly Cycling Studios to Try For Your Next Workout

Heart-pounding, drenched in sweat, music blaring… sure, you could get all of this at a club on the weekends. Or, you could do yourself a solid and sign up for a class at one of Philly’s incredible cycling studios. Whether you’re looking for zen, competition, or just a good time, you’d be surprised how far you can go when you’re on a stationary bike. Wanna know where to find the best spots?

Let’s ride.

  • Flywheel

    Flywheel Sports
    image via @flywheelsports

    Do you long for the days of competitive sports? Thrive off the thrill of the chase? You’re in luck. Flywheel’s unique approach to indoor cycling combines top-of-the-line technology with top-notch instructors to create an exciting and welcoming atmosphere. If you’re competitive, you’ll love the “Torqboard” — a giant scoreboard that allows you to transform your ride into an interactive race against the rest of the class in the infamous “stadium” set-up. But if you’re just interested in a sweaty, fast-paced workout, you can opt out of the Torqboard and simply enjoy the ride. Check ’em out in City Center and Bryn Mawr. Fitt Tip: don’t worry about bringing the right footwear; complimentary cycling shoes are included with every class!

  • The Wall Cycling Studio

    The Wall
    image via The Wall Cycling Studio | Facebook

    Make your way to the Manayunk for a free class at a cycling studio dedicated to helping you achieve the very best sweat session around. Inspiring and motivating instructors create a friendly atmosphere with just a touch of toughness. This is especially the case for their CycleBox workout, which is probably the most intense class you’ll ever take. Think 70 minutes of cycling, ab work, and multiple rounds of boxing. They also offer fusion classes with yoga, TRX, and barre — something for everyone. What are you waiting for? See you at The Wall!

  • SoulCycle

    Charity Ride SoulCycle Rittenhouse
    image via @soulcycledc

    With a cult-like following across the country, we’re not surprised that SoulCycle in Rittenhouse Square has rocked the Philly studio scene. Add the custom (and sometimes themed) playlists, the dreamy mood-lighting, and the intention each instructor sets at the beginning of class, and you may feel like you’re entering a yoga class. Moments later, as your legs are flying and your body’s drenched in sweat, you’ll realize that this workout is for your mind and your body. And, after 45 minutes (or 60 for the daunting SoulSurvivor classes) of riding your heart out while the instructor chants inspirational mantras and pushes you to your limits, you’ll leave feeling invincible… and ready to book your next class.

  • Upcycle

    Cycling in NJ
    image via Upcycle Collingswood | Facebook

    Okay, there are a couple things we need to clear up here. First, this studio is not in Philadelphia. It’s actually in Collingswood, New Jersey. But it’s just over the bridge, and for you non-drivers, less than half a mile from the PATCO stop. And, the second clarification: there’s more to this spot than indoor cycling. It’s a yoga studio, too! Which means a trip to this boutique studio will deliver a butt-kicking workout in more ways than one. Especially if you show up for Cycle and Flow — a 30-minute cycling session followed by a 30-minute yoga practice.

  • Revel Ride

    best workouts in philadelphia
    image via Revel Ride | Facebook

    The folks behind Revel Ride realize that indoor cycling isn’t “one-size-fits-all”, so they set out to put a new spin on your ride. And they did just that — combining features from different types of classes, they made three of their own: “Revel in the Rhythm”, for those who seek a fun, challenging workout that follows a certain beat; “Revel in the Fight”, for people who crave intensity and competition; and “Revel in the Ride”, that appeals to cyclist at any level. Check out the studio in Graduate Hospital and get ready to revel in the ultimate workout.

  • Cycle Brewerytown

    Philly Cycling Studios
    image via https://www.cyclebrewerytown.com/

    Brewerytown is one of Philly’s fastest growing neighborhoods, so we were stoked when Cycle Brewerytown set up shop there. This studio offers 45- and 60-minute classes focused on speed and conditioning. But you might have to wear earmuffs for their Explicit rides — the soundtrack will be unedited and the tracks may have you dropping some colorful language of your own as you sweat and cycle. Follow them on social media for surprise discount codes and charity ride announcements. Plus, your first ride is free! Fitt Tip: they’re located just across the street from The Monkey & The Elephant, one of our favorite spots to grab a latte and house-made baked goods after class!