Join Philly’s All-Women Running and Fitness Community

Join Philly’s All-Women Running and Fitness Community

Going for a run always seems like a good idea. Until it’s actually time to run. You know that first step outside the door is always the hardest! So, the group chat starts blowing up, and before you know it you’re out for a drink with your friends or endlessly scrolling Instagram on the couch.

Hey! What happened to the run? Suddenly that 10K you signed up for in a few months seems impossible.

No. Training and staying fit is 100% possible (and fun!). What’s missing? Girls.

Enter the City Fit Girls

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City Fit Girls, a running and fitness community for women, knows that leaning on each other for race training and getting active is what you need. Whether you need help kicking off your running regimen for a half marathon or need a new sweat, their nationwide training program, group runs and workouts, and constant support can make all the difference.

Their 12-week training program can even be delivered digitally, so you can connect and engage with your fellow girls on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, via email…even if you’re running in Alaska.

But Philly has it made

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Philly, DC, and South Jersey get the girls. If you live here, you need to get to one of their all-levels group runs or workouts. City Fit Girls collaborates with the top instructors, energetic trainers, and hottest brands within your city to bring you an unmatchable experience for you work up a sweat.

Don’t sweat falling behind, though. These girls won’t leave you in the dust. It’s a no-pressure opportunity for you to be your best and beat your best.

So next time the group chat is absolutely lit, it may just be your City Fit Girls calling you out for a pop-up run. Sign up here so you don’t miss the next one!