All The Best Juice Bars in Philadelphia Right Now

All The Best Juice Bars in Philadelphia Right Now

If you struggle to eat all your fruits and vegetables, maybe it’s time to squeeze in a juice stop.

In our fast-paced lives, instead of starving or slowing down, swing by one of these 15 Philly juice and smoothie spots. Fuel up on real food and power through the rest of that to-do list and even your evening sweat session… which might require a post-workout smoothie. Luckily, you’ll know exactly where to go. You’re welcome!

  • HipCityVeg

    image via HIPCITYVEG Facebook

    Kicking those unhealthy habits (like frequent fast food stops) can be really hard. If only there were an easy way to get some healthy food, fast. Well hold it right there, friend. HipCityVeg is here to help you eat well in a hurry. This vegan eatery has put a healthy spin on fast food. Yes, we said eatery, so it’s not officially a juice bar. But their signature green smoothie, the Groothie, is on par with the goods at any juice-only establishment around town. Plus, it’s an easy way to ease into the idea of vegan-friendly fare.

  • Smart Street Healthy Kitchen & Juice Bar

    Philadelphia Juice Bars
    image via Smart Street Healthy Kitchen Juice Bar | Facebook

    Healthy, fast, and delicious — what more could you ask for? How about flash sales, fresh ingredients, and a killer Rittenhouse location? Bingo — you’ve got Smart Street. With discounts for running, Facebook-only sales, and a menu full of every juice ingredient you could imagine, Smart Street is peak millennial. If you’re extra hungry, you can grab an acai bowl or a wrap to go. Whatever you get, know you’re getting the best take on “fast” food without the greasy fries slowing you down.

  • Bimini Juice Bar

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    image via @smallbusinessfunding | Instagram

    Bimini Boppity BOO! Okay, okay, no fairy godmothers here, but we felt the magic the moment we waltzed into this adorable Northern Liberties shop, and we’re still feeling the effects of their raw, healthy ingredients. Their name comes from the fabled location of the “Fountain of Youth” and, though we can’t swear their sips will guarantee to halt the aging process, you’ll probably have a spring in your step after tossing back a few of their refreshing juices. Fitt Tip: When you’re feeling hungry for some heavier fare, their oatmeal’s the best in the city, and costs less than $4!

  • honeygrow

    Healthy eats in philadelphia
    Image via @honeygrow Instagram

    Philly’s own hometown hero, honeygrow, has always been known for their stir-fry, salads, and honeybars. Their most recent venture is fresh, cold-pressed juices, and for $6.75 a bottle, these babies won’t break the bank! They’re keeping things simple with three options: Green Is Good (apple, spinach, cucumber, lemon, and basil), Orange You Thirsty (orange, carrot, lemon, and ginger), and the Better Off Red (watermelon, beet, lemon, and raspberry). honeygrow’s known for offering fast-casual goodies that fill you up without weighing you down, and adding juices to the mix makes total sense for this brand!

  • Yellow Juice Bar

    Philly Juice Bars
    image via @herelevancereport

    This Sansom Street juicery is a Rittenhouse gem. Their “high-performance” menu is reason enough to stop by. It’s also the perfect way to get added protein or immune-boosting benefits mixed into a grab-and-go snack. Or you could go with the Banana Twirl — it’s ice cream you can feel good about eating because it’s made entirely from bananas. Enough said.

  • Satya Juice

    juice philly
    image via Satya Juice | Facebook

    According to the experts, you should eat five-to-nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Man, oh man! You might be thinking, how in the world? But it’s easy if you stop by Satya Juice. They’ll put a day’s worth of fruit and veg in the palm of your hand. Well, they’ll put it in their juice and then in your hand — it’s less messy that way. Get your hands on these organic juices by stopping at their spot inside Queen Village’s SWEAT Fitness.

  • P.S. & Co.

    Pure Sweets & Co. in Philly
    image via Pure Sweets & Co.

    The eats are as healthy as they come, and the aesthetic is amazing, making this clean-eating cafe an absolute must-visit. The menu includes options for breakfast, lunch, sweet treats, coffee, tea, and, as you probably guessed, juice. But no matter which menu you order from, your selection will be 100% organic, gluten-free, plant-based, and kosher. That’s just how this Rittenhouse Square joint rolls. These juices top the list as the most expensive, but with guaranteed organic produce and loads of flavor, there’s plenty of bang for your buck.

  • Fuel

    Best Healthy Juice in Philly
    image via @cityfitgirls

    When it comes time to power up or recharge, Fuel should be your first stop. It’s an all organic refueling station serving lean, green, and clean eats. And get this: everything on the menu (including juice and an entire meal) comes in at under 500 calories. Now that’s what we call fuel-efficient.

  • Stripp'd Juice

    image via yelp

    If you’re in Old City, you should definitely stop by Stripp’d for a goldmine of good-for-you drink options. From cold-pressed juice to blended nut milks and smoothies, and hand-painted signs to crazy cool counters, everything is on-point. And so is the taste of… well, everything on the menu. Especially the spicy kale concoction known as the Jala At Ya Boy. For something a bit heartier, nab an Acai Bowl, but watch out — they sell out fast on the weekends!

  • The Juice

    Philly Juice
    image via The Juice Philly | Facebook

    We’ll give you one guess as to what you can get from The Juice… Only the meanest, greenest, good-for-you, juices and smoothies around! But unlike other juice joints who focus on select fruits and veggies, this place is focused on performance. More specifically, they cater to athletes who need a little pep in their step. These juices are packed with fiber, plant-based protein, and maca powder, among other awesome ingredients. Fitt tip: You can’t visit this spot; the Juice is only available for online order and delivery.

  • The Juice Merchant

    Best Juice
    image via @emblair

    Let’s be honest; as much as we all love getting our juice on, at some point the options all sound the same. Come on — you know the ones: green juice, red juice, and spicy something or other. Well The Juice Merchant must have gotten tired of that too, because they added some awesome concoctions to the juice and smoothie selection at their Manayunk spot. Tropi-kale and Twisted Apple upgrade the juice options, while Coffeelicious and Hawaiian Delight take the smoothie game to another level.

  • Ánimo

    Animo Juice Philadelphia
    image via

    There are two words that explain what’s happening at Ánimo. They are ‘juice’ and ‘burritos’. Hm. Really? Yes, really! To be clear, there are no burrito-flavored juices or juice-filled burritos. These items are solid separately. But both are made with your health in mind. That means fresh ingredients and no preservatives, GMOs, or deep fryers (for the burritos!). Looking for a quick boost? Skip the 5-Hour Energy and go au naturale with one of their Ginger Lemon Shots!

  • Squeeze Juice Bar

    image via Sook Hee's Produce Facebook

    This place isn’t a flashy juice bar trying to take advantage of a health food trend. Nope. Squeeze is a spot for the freshest fruits and veggies around. Whether you’re looking to have it in your glass or in your grocery bag, this spot has the high-quality, fair-priced produce that will satisfy. Keep it simple at this spot on JFK Boulevard. Fitt tip: this spot is just around the corner from City Fitness Logan, perfect for that post-workout juice break.

  • Sip-N-Glo Juicery

    Sip-N-Glo Juicery Rittenhouse
    image via @mjmercado47

    Healthy doesn’t just happen. It’s a habit that has to be formed. And Sip-N-Glo wants to help. They’re all about striking a balance between gratifying and guilt-free. Translation: their treats are delicious and nutritious. Skeptical about juice cleanses? Sip-N-Glo will show you the light by steering you towards a cleanse that promises to have you glo-ing with energy. Just pop into one of their locations (two in Rittenhouse and one on South Street!) for the best post-workout smoothies with vegan protein, greens, chia, maca, cocoa, and every other superfood under the sun.

  • Four Seasons Juice Bar

    image via yelp

    With nearly a hundred different vendors packed into the Reading Terminal Market, it was only a matter of time until someone started squeezing all of the fresh fruits and veggies into juice. And that someone is Four Seasons Juice. With all the juices under $10, they’re one of the healthiest options in the building that won’t break the bank! Next time you visit Reading Terminal Market, be sure to snag a little something from this spot to enjoy while exploring the many merchants.