Head to Milo Restaurant in East Falls For Delicious Plant-Based Eats

Head to Milo Restaurant in East Falls For Delicious Plant-Based Eats

After a long run or bike ride on Kelly Dr., there’s nothing like heading to East Falls for a quick bite to refuel. And now, vegans and vegetarians have another nourishing option. Skip the standard Ridge St. fare in favor of some healthy, humanitarian goodies at Milo Restaurant.

From revelation to restaurant

Founded by Chef Craig Wilson, known for his work at Italian and tapas spots in Manayunk, Milo’s offerings are a stark contrast to the grilled meats and heavy dishes of his former restaurants. The reason? Craig experienced a wake-up call when his baby was born, and he decided then and there that to make a change when it came to his health and style of cooking.

Lucky for us, this shift resulted in a partnership with yoga instructor and chef, Ammie Ferguson. Together, they’ve brought more plant-based eats to Conrad St. with good-for-you eatery Milo Restaurant.

Global inspiration, local flavor

Craig and Ammie know that staying healthy on-the-go is just as important as mindful meals. That’s why their restaurant serves up breakfast, lunch, smoothies, to-go items, and vegan and vegetarian options fit for every palate.

Stop in and enjoy delicious, healthy-filled cuisine with a side of culture. Craig has experience cooking all over the world, from Europe to Thailand, and brings his talents and seasonal ingredients to the table (and the take-out counter). We’re talking flavor-packed noodle dishes, sandwiches, tacos, and salads. He also steers clear of greasy cooking techniques. Instead, he utilizes induction cooking and steaming for lighter, healthier dishes.

So the next time you’re craving a mouth-watering meal you won’t have to feel guilty about eating, head over to Milo Restaurant — it’ll be the best decision you make all week.