Philly Free Streets is Back And Better Than Ever

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Philly Free Streets is Back And Better Than Ever

It’s the American dream, isn’t it? Kids playing hopscotch outside their homes, no fear of angry drivers cutting you off, training for the Philadelphia Marathon without stopping every block for the light to change…

Well, get ready. For one day only, that dream’s about to become a reality. Yup – Philly Free Streets is back, and better than ever.

New route, who dis?

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In 2016, Philly launched Philly Free Streets to give a car-less stretch of the city back to the pedestrians, bikers, runners, and families that live, work, and play in the city. Most of the 10-mile route was along South Street, and the day featured pop-up workouts, flash mob dance performances, bike check-up stations, and boot camps. While the event was generally viewed as a positive one, there was lots of feedback regarding how the route could be improved to be more inclusive of the city’s residents.

This year’s route was chosen specifically to work on some of those suggestions. Instead of running West-to-East, the route extends North-to-South, from Chestnut Street in Old City all the way up to Indiana Avenue in Fairhill, a total of seven miles connecting numerous Philly neighborhoods along the way.

No cars, no problem

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This year’s event will take place Saturday, October 28th from 8am–1pm. Sponsored in part by Philadelphia’s Historic District, Philly Free Streets intends to showcase not only the fun that a day without cars can offer, but how improving the city’s street design can improve the health of neighborhoods throughout the city. By making Philadelphia more bike-friendly and walkable, all residents can enjoy the outdoors, ride, and play safely.

Philly Free Fitness

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With this much free space, the world’s your oyster — 3.5 miles of open roads great for long runs, testing out that Indego membership or just exploring the city. But if you like your fitness like you like your sock drawer (organized, of course), there’s plenty scheduled.

Kick off the day at 9am with a power walk led by the Philadelphia mayor himself, Jim Kenney. Then, Sweat Fitness will host a 10am cardio boot camp and a noon yoga class in Old City’s “Independence Activity Zone”. Get your bike tuned up with Neighborhood Bike Works at 5th and Germantown Avenue, and ride down the route to explore Philadelphia’s Latino culture. El Centro de Oro promises heaps of family-friendly activities, and you can also jump into a Latin fusion hip-hop class at 9:30 and 10:30am.

From biking to Bachata, stretching to sprinting, consider October 28th a choose-your-own-adventure along the Philly Free Streets route. Let your free flag fly!