20 Reasons Every City Should be Jealous of Philly’s Health & Fitness Scene

20 Reasons Every City Should be Jealous of Philly’s Health & Fitness Scene
  • Vegan Eats That Can’t Be Beat

    best vegan eats in philly

    In a city known for cheesesteaks and roast pork sandwiches, you might be surprised to find some of the tastiest vegetarian and vegan eats in the world. And with menu items like buffalo cauliflower, portobello carpaccio, and creamy Tehina milkshakes available in every neighborhood, you won’t miss any meat.

  • Broad Street Run

    best runs in philadelphia

    Let’s start with the pride and joy of Philadelphia’s running community — the Broad Street Run. Ten miles of non-stop city views right in the heart of the action. Every May, tens of thousands of runners raise money for the American Cancer Society as they speed down Broad Street, and then party all Sunday. Can’t beat it.

  • City of Brotherly Runs

    best run groups in philadelphia

    Finding your stride has never been easier in Philly, and it’s always more fun to run with a squad. Join some of the city’s run clubs for group runs for every distance, pace, and interest. Bonus: Some of them even come with a complimentary drink or custard afterward!

  • Yoga, Yoga Everywhere

    best yoga events in philadelphia

    There’s nothing we love more than getting our OM on — but why keep it in the studio? From rooftops to Dilworth Park, on the banks of the Schuyllkill across the city to Race Street Pier, when the sun is shining, you can practice your asana all over town!

  • Urban Trails for Days (or Miles)

    best trails in philadelphia

    Whether you’re trying to walk, ride, run, or commute, there’s nowhere better to soak up some natural beauty along the water than the Schuylkill River Trail. Over 100 miles of gorgeous urban trail connect the city to parks, lakes, and the Appalachian Trail.

  • We Row Harder

    rowing in philadelphia

    Boathouse Row isn’t just an picturesque spot to check out some stellar lights — it’s a launching point for single rowers, regattas, and everything in between! Whether you’re a first-timer trying to get your feet wet or a seasoned pro, this is the place you wanna row.

  • Our Farmers Markets Can’t Be Beet 

    best farmers markets in philadelphia

    Rain or shine, you can get fresh, seasonal produce any time in a city with more local farmers markets than there are players on the Eagles’ roster. And if you do wanna play it safe and shop indoors, Reading Terminal Market’s got you covered (literally).

  • Hiking Heaven

    best hiking trails in philadelphia

    Speaking of the trails, Philly’s right in the midst of loads of hiking spots, perfect for any skill- or experience-level hiker. You can enjoy fall foliage in Fairmount Park, hit up the Wissahickon for some dog-friendly paths, or make an overnight trip — it’s sure to be in-tents.

  • Step Up like Rocky

    best steps in philadelphia

    Who needs a StairMaster when you’ve got access to the ultimate outdoor gym just down the parkway? Whether you’re jumping into a booty-blasting bootcamp on the steps or just want to cap off a long run with a Rocky Balboa-inspired finale, the Art Museum steps are as functional as they are iconic.

  • Only the Strong Survive

    philadelphia fitness

    Some folks might envy our NYC neighbors for their access to the newest fitness trends. But we’ve learned something: by the time these trendy classes make it to Philly, the Big Apple’s weeded out the flops and gotten all the kinks out — just in time for us to sweat with the best.

  • Sweat, Sip, Repeat

    best places to grab a drink in philadelphia

    While we didn’t originate the post-fitness drink, we’re so glad that the city’s trainers and run groups have fully embraced this particular trend. Whether we’re sipping after Spin class or enjoying the classic recovery beer following a few quality miles, the fittest of Philly work hard and play harder.

  • Our Brunch is Better (and Better for You)

    best brunch in philadelphia

    Sometimes, figuring out brunch plans with your buddies can feel like a workout in itself! Luckily, Philly’s home to so many healthy brunch spots, you can have your (pan)cake and eat it, too, guilt-free.

  • The Birds, The Fly Guys, The Phillies, and The Sixers

    philadelphia sports fans

    While it’s true we may not have the most titles of any major city when it comes to our sports teams, we can guarantee that no one tailgates harder, cheers louder, or has more pride for their teams than Philly fans. Want confirmation? Try shout-spelling the word EAGLES in any bar in town. You’ll get the picture.

  • Just the Juiciest

    best juice bars in philadelphia

    We’ve been juicing, and we’re not afraid to admit it. Sometimes, you just wanna slurp your supper, and with fun, flavorful drinks like the Woodermelon and the Fountain of Youth, you’ll be feeling the juice magic in no time!

  • Paleo Paradise

    best Paleo food in philadelphia

    Paleo: so easy a caveman could do it, right? Not always. Not to worry — Philly’s restaurants have got you covered with hearty menu options for even the pickiest paleo prince/princess.

  • Gluten-Free Goldmine

    best gluten free restaurants in Philadelphia

    If gluten-free’s your game, we’ve got great news — some of the city’s best dishes are perfect for you! With options from the expected (corn tortillas, rice bowls, and heaps of meat & veggies) to the surprising (potato noodles, pizza, and entire bakery of GF goodies), you’ll be able to enjoy anything your taste buds crave!

  • Never Far from Nature

    best camping spots near philadelphia

    Despite our growing skyline, Philadelphians are never too far from getting in touch with Mother Nature. You can nab all the benefits of camping out—like blueberry bogs and bird-watching—all within a few hours of the city.

  • Sweating Socially

    best group workouts in Philadelphia

    You know, group fitness isn’t just limited to running clubs and Zumba class. Fitness is more fun with friends, right? Want some squats mixed in with your sprints? Join November Project’s twice-weekly workouts. Trying to take your cardio to the court or field? There’s a league for that.

  • Riding Dirty

    We had a feeling when Philly’s Indego bikes came to town, this city’s love affair with cycling was just getting started. But, with expansion of bike lanes, addition of even more shareable ride stations, and our indoor cycling scene expanding, it’s never been a better time to be a biker in Philly!

  • Studio Boom

    best workout studios in Philadelphia

    With new Megaformer studios, aerial yoga, CrossFit, TRX, cycling, boxing, and Pilates, there’s one thing we’re certain of — there’s no way to get bored working out in Philadelphia. It seems like every week, there’s a new studio opening up with a new way to break a sweat. We’re not complaining — if only there were more hours in a day!