All The Best Sweat Spots in Philadelphia Right Now

All The Best Sweat Spots in Philadelphia Right Now

Philly’s getting fitter, that’s for sure. It seems like everywhere you look, there’s a new gym, CrossFit box, or yoga studio. But with all the dynamic trainers, fusion classes, and spaces to explore, you might be a little overwhelmed.

Luckily, we’ve broken down some of the best spots in the city where can get your sweat on and achieve all of those fitness goals!

  • City Fitness

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    image via @cityfitnessphilly_thrive | Instagram

    City Fitness is growing by leaps and bounds (they’ve got locations all over the city), and following the success of their enormous Logan Square facility, they’re opening an East Market space by the end of 2018. The pride and joy of City Fitness is their Thrive Functional Training program, promising to train individuals for “the sport of life, whatever that means to you”. Whether you’re trying to feel, look, or train better, Thrive’s combination of plyometrics, strength, and agility exercises will get you there.

  • Fit Academy

    Best Gyms in Philadelphia
    image via Fit Academy

    It’s 6am; you’re drenched in sweat, you’re breathing heavy, and you look around the studio to see only smiles. No, you’re not going crazy — you’re just surrounded by the fit fam that makes up Fit Academy. The Brewerytown studio also offers some crazy workouts on the Art Museum steps, in case you crave the outdoors. But no matter where you’re working, the Fit Academy trainers will have you grinning through burpees, sprints, and battle ropes.

  • Unite Fitness

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    image via Unite Fitness - Philly East | Facebook

    Cardio. Strength. Yoga. All under one roof? Sure, seems possible. All within one class? Unheard of! But the folks from Unite Fitness are all about changing the way you exercise, 75 minutes at a time. Whether you’re in Rittenhouse or Midtown Village, the folks at Unite are ready to kick your ass into gear through a variety of cardio machines (rower, treadmill, or bike — choose your own adventure!) and then pump you up with strength exercises. No workout is complete without stretching, which is why they added a 15-minute yoga-style stretching series to the end of every class.

  • RippedPHL

    image via RippedPHL | Facebook

    “High-intensity” doesn’t begin to cover what you’re going to be experiencing as you torch calories and push your body to the limit in a RippedPHL class. With heart-pounding music blasting through their Rittenhouse Square studio, you’ll work in 15-minute intervals running on top-of-the-line Woodway treadmills and pumping out serious muscle-building circuits. Fitt Tip: RippedPHL has some of the best bath/shower products to make sure you leave your workout smelling even better than you did going into it!

  • Philly Power Yoga

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    image via Philly Power Yoga Thrive | Facebook

    This Rittenhouse favorite heats things up with over 10 classes daily. Offering Yoga, Pilates, Piloxing (that’s Pilates + boxing), and YP Fusion (a yoga-Pilates fusion class), PPY allows you to mix it up with just one membership! The studio is known for killer playlists and expert instructors, but especially if you’re aching for some alignment, look no further.

  • Three Queens Yoga

    Yoga in Philly
    image via Three Queens Yoga | Facebook

    Bow down and get ready to nama-slay at this Queen Village studio, where instructors are known for themed classes set to Beyoncé’s greatest hits, as well as other musical divas. But it’s not all about bootylicious bends and bridges. Yogis come for the natural light, the powerful flow, and the pristine space.

  • Freehouse Fitness Studio

    Pilates in Philly
    image via Freehouse

    Resistance, rebounding, and Reformers — the three Rs that make Freehouse Fitness on South St. the total package! The team at Freehouse believes that fitness should be fun, and their classes definitely know how to bounce, shake, and sculpt your body into shape with cool classes like High Flyer, Bandit, and Groove.

  • barre3

    Barre Classes in Philly
    image via Barre3 | Facebook

    Shakes and quakes — you’ll be experiencing both during one of barre3’s signature 60-minute classes. Unlike many barre studios, barre3 features wooden floors and encourages patrons to take class barefoot. Rittenhouse’s barre3 studio is huge, with two separate rooms allowing them to offer even more classes. Broken down into warm-up, barre work, and mat work, each class will be just a little different (but every class will leave you sore to the core!). Fitt Tip: they offer child care in-house, in case you can’t find a sitter!

  • Flywheel Sports

    Spin Classes in Philly
    image via Flywheel | Facebook

    Do you find yourself craving competition? Loud, bass-heavy music, and stadium-seating? Bingo. Flywheel will have you racing your fellow Flyers and checking the TorqBoard (showing the performance of the class, for those who opt-in). And whether you’re motivated by rivalry or merely come to blast calories, this Center City studio’s going to keep you racing to the beat. Bonus: clip-in shoes are included with your class, no extra charge.

  • SoulCycle

    Charity Ride SoulCycle Rittenhouse
    image via @soulcycledc

    Emblazoned in bright lights on the wall reads “Find your soul”. That mantra sticks with devoted riders who spend their time and money supporting SoulCycle’s Rittenhouse studio (or RHSQ). Instead of racing others, you’ll push yourself with motivational speeches from instructors and a set of arm workouts to tone the upper body. While the classes don’t come cheap, the luxurious locker rooms and ample shower space (major key) make the experience feel well-worth the price tag.

  • KG Strong

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    image via KG Strong | Facebook

    This studio in the infamous Bok Building is a welcome addition to South Philadelphia. Small group training gives an intimate feel to each class, where instructors can really focus on form and individualized progress. Kettlebells, pulleys, and rowing machines are just some of the equipment that the trainers use to improve your functional fitness, leaving you feeling positively strong. Plus, you can experience yoga from new heights with their seasonal rooftop classes, offering some of the best views in town.

  • Fearless Athletics

    image via Fearless Athletics | Facebook

    CrossFit, powerlifting, and cardio conditioning can all make you strong, that’s for sure. So Fearless Athletics decided to offer all three in one convenient location (well, locations — we’ll get to that). Get a membership with Fearless, and you’re able to practice in either their Penn’s Landing or South Philly spots. And whether you’re looking to bulk up, make gains, or tighten, tone, and build up your stamina, the friendly folks at Fearless will make sure you achieve your goals!

  • Crossfit Rittenhouse

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    image via Crossfit Rittenhouse | Facebook

    If you’re unsure or nervous about your first CrossFit class, a “No Sweat Intro” at CrossFit Rittenhouse is a great way to explore the space — no burpees required. The coaches, despite having more muscles than you knew existed, are friendlier than the staff at Trader Joe’s, and the whole box makes a point to maintain a feeling of community, hosting events outside of the gym and after the workout. The space is in the heart of the neighborhood, and has showers, meaning you’ll be able to get in a quick rinse between your workout and dinner plans.

  • SLT

    Best Gyms in Philly
    image via SLT | Facebook

    “Pilates on crack.” That’s what devotees affectionately call SLT in Centery City, and yet, they keep coming back for more. And though the enormous reformers and terminology used for the exercises—Scrambled Eggs, Mermaid, French Twist—might seem intimidating at first, after a few classes, you’ll get the hang of it. It won’t get easier, mind you — you’ll just get stronger. Each 50-minute class will leave you totally exhausted, but if you’re like the rest of the SLT family, you won’t be able to stay away for long.

  • Revel Ride

    Best Gyms in Philly
    image via Revel Ride | Facebook

    Philly’s very own, homegrown cycling studio has really shaken up the scene, filling the gap between riders that like to compete and those that prefer the more choreographed sessions. Revel Ride has three different styles of classes, themed Rhythm (all about working the moves on the bike), Fight (for those driven by states and scores), and Ride (for those who like a little bit of everything, or aren’t sure what they like! The studio is conveniently set up on South St., and only six blocks from the nearest Whole Foods, in case all that riding makes you hangry.

  • Priya Hot Yoga

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    image via Priya Hot Yoga | Facebook

    You can get your first 30 days at this studio for $40, so there’s basically no risk here as long as you take more than one class. That said, you’ll probably find yourself frequenting this gorgeous Logan Square studio for more than just the deals. From their always-exciting themed classes (skip Enya, and think Beyoncé or JT) to their piping hot studio guaranteeing a sweat, there’s nowhere north of Market we’d rather be flowing!


    **Updated by Jordan Price, October 2018