Vitality Bowls is Serving up Deliciously Healthy Acai Bowls in King of Prussia

Vitality Bowls is Serving up Deliciously Healthy Acai Bowls in King of Prussia

For most of us, with commutes and conference calls, happy hour and HIIT, time is in short supply. Sometimes, it feels like we hardly have a minute to take a breath. And when you’re feeling swamped, that’s when you need superfoods the most.

Luckily, the folks at Vitality Bowls understand the grind, and they’ve brought their acai bowls and blends to King of Prussia to keep you going.

From Cali to KOP

Vitality Bowls was originally founded by a couple of parents looking for a healthy, allergy-friendly fast-casual option for their daughter. And, in a world of greasy burgers and sugar-laden milkshakes, their quest came up short. So, they took matters into their own hands, launching Vitality Bowls, which now has superfood cafes in over 50 locations. King of Prussia’s spot is the first to open in Pennsylvania, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Bowls Abound

Philly’s no stranger to acai. But Vitality Bowls has taken the bowl game to the next level. They’ve got more than 10 different varieties of blended creations fit for every level of hunger, every dietary restriction, and every taste bud.

If you’re looking for a bit of a cleanse, hit up the Detox Bowl, packed with spirulina and flax seed. Feeling a bit under the weather? Grab an Immunity Bowl, full of lemon, ginger, and kale.  Hoping for some extra strength and stamina? We recommend the Warrior Bowl, loaded with almond milk, bananas, broccoli, and a multivitamin boost.

These base bowls are great, sure, but let’s face it — the best part of a bowl is topping it! And the options here are nearly endless. We’re wild about the organic granola, goji berries, coconut shavings, hemp seeds, and cacao.

Beyond the Bowl

There’s more to life than what’s in a bowl — Vitality gets it. That’s why their menu also contains paninis (with gluten-free bread!), salads and soups, fresh juice, and smoothies (for those who prefer a sip to a spoon).

There are even a few kid-friendly items (though we won’t judge if you order the mozzarella grilled cheese on whole wheat for yourself). And, if you’re just looking for a quick buzz, order a coffee infused with antioxidants.

The cafe is going to be serving up their goodies all day long, so whether you’re fueling up for the workday or stopping by after a shopping marathon, Vitality Bowls is here to help you take on whatever comes your way!